View iPhone Image Location Data With Preview On Mac OSX

Yesterday I wrote an article on viewing iPhone image GPS data via Photoshop on the Mac but since not everyone has the need to have Photoshop along with the fact that Photoshop is not cheap I also wanted to show a way to view iPhone image GPS data without having to install any third party software on your Mac.  You can easily view iPhone image GPS data using Preview which is installed by default on Mac OSX. Below I describe how to view iPhone image GPS data using the same example image from yesterday with Preview.

View iPhone Image GPS Data Using Preview On Mac OSX:

  1. Open iPhone Image With Preview: First open the image using Preview on the Mac which if you have not changed any of the default settings will be what opens the image by default on Mac OSX. Below the image used in these examples is displayed opened in Preview on Mac OSX 10.7.
    iPhone Image Opened With Preview On Mac OSXAs noted in yesterdays article about viewing location data for iPhone images in Photoshop notice in the example image above the 725 E Broadway painted on the window behind my kids and my dad who by the way are waiting on the Pegasus Parade in Louisville, KY to begin.
  2. Launch Preview Image Inspector: With Preview as the active window select Tools from the top navigation menu and select Show Inspector from the drop down menu as shown in the below example image.
    Preview Tools Menu Show InspectorOnce you have clicked Show Inspector the Preview Inspector window will display as shown in the below example image.
    Preview Inspector: General InfoThe default tab displayed with the Preview Image Inspector will be the General Info tab as shown in the above example image. This includes details about the image including the File Name, File Type, File Size (Data Size), Image Size (pixels), Color Model, Image DPI, Creation Date, Modification Date, and a couple other items. Since we are interested in the actual location data of this iPhone image the General Info tab does not display the data we are looking for.
  3. Preview More Info, GPS Info: Now click the More Info tab which has a small circle with an I in the middle of it and is the second tab from the left in the Preview Inspector window.
    Preview Inspector More Info
    After clicking on the More Info tab there will be some other general info displayed about the image but you will also now see a sub set of tabs including General, EXIF, GPS, and TIFF. Click on the GPS sub tab to display the GPS information about the iPhone image as shown in the below example image.
    Preview Inspector More Info: GPS DetailsNotice that the longitude and latitude details of the image are displayed along with a world map that shows an overview of the exact location where the iPhone image was taken.
  4. View iPhone Image Location On Google Maps: Notice that there is also a Locate button at the bottom of the GPS information window within Preview Inspector which once you click on it will take you to a Google Maps search of the longitude and latitude attached to the iPhone image as shown in the below example image of Google Maps after pressing the Locate button from our example image.
    Google Maps Showing iPhone Image Data AccuracyNotice how Google Maps displays 719 East Broadway in Louisville Kentucky which is actually an address located in the same cluster of buildings as 725 East Broadway. The reason the example image was selected is because it shows an address on the Window of 725 East Broadway and the same building can be seen in the Google Maps Street View.

As you can see it is very easy for anyone to see the exact location that an iPhone image was taken so keep that in mind when uploading images to your favorite social media sites, etc.

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