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Using RAID On Z68 Motherboard: Asus Z68 Extreme4 Gen3

I recently got a new desktop computer that has a Asus Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 motherboard in it and wanted to configure RAID 0 on a couple terabyte hard drives to provide better performance and more space to my primary volume. Initially I didn’t see how to configure the RAID as I am used to an external hardware RAID card that has its own BIOS. After a little bit of poking I was able to locate the setting to enable RAID and then configuring it was fairly standard. Below I describe the setting to enable RAID on the Z69 Extreme4 Gen3 mobo and how to configure a new RAID 0 volume once RAID is enabled.

Enable RAID On Asus Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Motherboard:

You will first enable RAID in the Z68 BIOS settings screen followed by rebooting and configuring the containers that you want to exist on the computer that has the Z68 motherboard installed. Please note that you may also want to enable a longer Z68 splash screen display which will make entering the BIOS much easier in the future.

  1. Enter Z68 BIOS Settings: The default amount of time for splash screen display is set to only 1 second so you should just continue hitting F2 right after you power on the computer which will take you into the Asus Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 BIOS configuration screen as shown below.
    ASrock Z68 BIOS Configuration
  2. Z68 BIOS Advanced Settings: Now click the Advanced settings button which is the third button over with the wrench in the middle of it. Once you have clicked Advanced the below screen will display.
    Z68 Bios Configuration: Advanced Settings
  3. Z68 BIOS Advanced Storage Configuration: The Z68 Advanced BIOS configuration screen will provide a list of other options and here we want to click on Storage Configuration which will allow us to configure items such as how the SATA ports on the motherboard are configured as shown in the below example image.
    Z68 BIOS Configuration Advanced Storage Configuration
  4. Z68 BIOS SATA Mode: Click on SATA Mode underneath the Storage Configuration screen to display a box which will allow you to select between Disabled, IDE Mode, AHCI Mode, and RAID Mode. Click RAID Mode to set your Z68 to allow for RAID volumes which will then close the box.
    Z68 BIOS Configuration Advanced SATA Mode
  5. Save BIOS Changes & Reboot: Once you have set the SATA Mode to RAID Mode click on the Exit button at the top right of the Z68 BIOS configuration screen to display a configuration window similar to the below example image. Click the Save Changes & Exit option to save your changes and reboot the computer.
    Save And Exit Z68 BIOS ConfigurationNow when you reboot you will see a new option during boot that will allow you to click Ctrl-I to enter the RAID configuration.
  6. Enter Z68 RAID Configuration: As noted above you will see the below option during boot to enter the Z68 RAID configuration screen.
    Enter Z68 RAID ConfigurationSorry about the flash displaying in the image above… During the boot process click Ctrl-I when you see the above prompt to enter the Z68 RAID configuration screen.
  7. Configure Z68 RAID Volumes: The reset is fairly self explanatory if you have configured RAID volumes before and if you have not I would suggest using mostly default options as shown in the below example images.
    Z68 RAID ConfigurationFirst highlight Create Raid Volume and click Enter which will take you to the next screen displayed in the example image below.
    Z68 Create RAID Volume Here you will name the RAID volume, select the RAID type (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, or RAID 10), select the disks to include in the RAID volume, select the Stripe Size, set the Capacity, and then create the volume as shown in the below example image.
    Z68 RAID Volume Ready To CreateOnce you have set everything highlight Create Volume as shown above and click Enter. A warning message will display so make sure to verify your settings and then type “Y” to create the RAID volume.

Once the RAID volume is created you can proceed with installing the operating system of your choice, etc.

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