Cannot Extract .EXE From Zip File On Windows 2003

Earlier today while working on a client’s server, which happens to be Microsoft Server 2003, I was unable to extract a .exe file from a zip file I had downloaded. After a moment of thinking I remembered that on Windows 2003 Server there is a default security setting that will simply not extract the .exe file. Below there are brief instructions on how to enable extracting a executable or .EXE file from a compressed zip file.

Enable EXE Extraction From Zip File On Windows 2003:

  1. ZIP File Properties: First right click the zip file and select Properties from the drop down menu that displays as shown in the example image below.
    ZIP File Properties Windows 2003Once you select Properties the ZIP file properties will display as shown in the below example.
    ZIP File Properties
  2. Unblock Extracting Executables: Now click the Unblock button located at the bottom of the zip file properties windows shown in the example above. Click the Apply button located in the bottom right of the zip file properties window after you have clicked the Unblock button. Now when you extract the contents of the ZIP file the executable or .EXE file will extract properly.

That is all you have to do. I would suggest leaving this setting on and unblocking it on a case by case basis.

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