Earlier tonight I was working on a spreadsheet with thousands of rows and over a dozen columns so I kept forgetting which column was which when working down inside the spreadsheet. I knew there was a way to have a a single row or multiple rows always display at the top of the spreadsheet but was not sure exactly how and I was unable to find the option in the Google Docs Spreadsheet drop downs. I finally figured out how to have a set number of rows always display at the top of a Google Spreadsheet and have shared the information below.

Have A Set Numbers Of Rows Always Display At Top Of Google Docs Spreadsheet: 

I figured it would be easy to always have a single row or a group of rows always display at the top of a Google Docs Spreadsheet however I didn’t think it would be as easy as it is which is why it ended up taking me a little but to figure out how to have a single row display at the top of the Spreadsheet. All it takes is dragging the header down below the top row or set of top rows within the spreadsheet so it always displays. Below are example images with the first example image showing a typical spreadsheet that has a couple hundred rows, the second example image display the same spreadsheet but scrolled down past where the column titles would display, and finally the third example image displays the same spreadsheet with the header including the first column or column titles no matter the line number.

Example Google Docs Spreadsheet: 

Google Docs Spreadsheet Example

Example Google Docs Spreadsheet Scrolled Past Column Titles Row: 

Google Docs Spreadsheet No Column Titles Showing

To have the first column or in this case the column titles always display simply drag the header or the small blue line right above the “1″ in the first column of row numbers down below the 1.

Example Google Docs Spreadsheet With Column Title Row Always Displaying: 

Google Docs Spreadsheet Column Titles Always Showing

As you can see it is much more convenient with the first row, which displays the title of each column, always displaying. Again to accomplish this you drag the line above the 1 down below the 1 or below the last row number you want to always display. Notice in the last example image above how the blue line in the row numbers column is now below the 1 instead of above it like the other two example images. Google Docs really is a great resource and even more of an amazing resource because it is free.

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3 Responses to “Google Docs Spreadsheet: Have One Row Always Display At The Top Of The Spreadsheet”
  1. Ela says:

    It worked! Thanks, it was giving me quite a headache


    alex Reply:

    Hello Ela,

    No problem. Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.



  2. naok says:

    Hi , Alex

    I facing the same problem with you.
    But i still can’t make the ‘first row’ always show on the top for the spreadsheet in google drive.

    Can you plz list me out the step?
    Thanks !


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