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Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Mac OSX Lion

As silly as this article is it took me a bit to find how to stop Skype from starting automatically on my  Mac running OSX Lion. I have been running Skype version 4.X because the new Skype versions, specifically Skype 5.X, has really taken many steps backwards on the Mac in my opinion. I am so fed up with Skype on the Mac I am considering stopping to use Skype at all. Not only can you not stop Skype from starting automatically via the Skype Preferences window anymore but the new UI (User Interface) for Skype in Skype versions 5.X+ is horrible. Gone are the days where you could actually not have Skype engulf your entire screen or when Skype was actually useful for certain things. I definitely feel as if they stopped putting the do not start Skype on login outside of the Preferences configuration window simply to make it harder to find.

Disable Skype Auto Start When Logging Into Mac OSX Lion: 

So turns out it is really easy to turn off the auto login functionality but the Skype setting to not start automatically is in a place where I am not used to it being and every other application that comes to mind actually has the setting to disable auto start within the settings panel of the app. The auto start feature of Skype is now controlled by OSX and is on when there is a check next to Open At Login as shown or it will also be listed under Login Items under your Mac OSX user account.

Automatically Start Skype On Mac Enabled: 

Automatically Start Skype When Logging Into Mac

To disable Skype auto login right click on the Skype icon in the Mac dock,  scroll up to Options to reveal a pop out menu, and select Open At Login to remove the check next to it as shown in the below example image.

Disable Skype Auto Start On Mac OSX: 

Disable Skype Auto Start On Mac OSX

Skype will no longer start when you login to your Mac.

The user interface is so awful and so intrusive now that I am using the Adium Skype API plugin to keep communication with the contacts I have in Skype and I only use the Skype interface when I make or receive calls. Unfortunately with the Adium Skype API plugin Skype has to be started but once its started you can hide it away in the dock  and IM Skype contacts through Adium. I have been a big fan of Skype for a long time so it is really no fun to dislike the user interface as much as I do.