DDWRT: Why Is SSH Management Greyed Out On DD-WRT Administration Page

Earlier when attempting to login to a DD-WRT router at my house I was unable to so I figured when I upgraded the software last night that is must have disabled SSH Management for some reason. I went into the web interface to turn SSH Management on but it was greyed out. Luckily the fix is easy but wanted to note it in an article in case others couldn’t find the location to turn SSH on in DDWRT.

SSH Management Greyed Out On DD-WRT Web Interface Administration Page:

DD-WRT: SSH Management Greyed Out On Administration Page

Enable SSH Management On DD-WRT Administration Page: 

If the SSH Management radio button is greyed out on your DD-WRT wireless router than you likely just need to enable Secure Shell on the Services page in the DD-WRT administration web interface. To enable Secure Shell or SSHD on DD-WRT login to the admin web interface and click on the Services tab in the top navigation. Scroll to the bottom of the Services page in the DD-WRT admin interface and you will see Secure Shell a couple options up from the bottom of the page as shown in the below example image.

Enable Secure Shell For SSH Access On DD-WRT

Select the Enable radio button for Secure Shell and then click Save followed by Apply in the DD-WRT management web interface. Now click back on the Administration tab and  SSH Management should no longer be greyed out as shown in the below example image.

DD-WRT: SSH Management Enabled

Select the radio button next to Enable and then click the Save button followed by the Apply button at the bottom of the DD-WRT Administration web interface page. You should now be able to SSH to the wireless router running DDWRT from the internal network.