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How To Stop Time Machine From Backing Up Every Hour

Time Machine is really cool because it automates the task of backups since most of us forget to do this on a regular basis. The unfortunate part of Time Machine is the lack of control you have regarding when Time Machine backs up. By default the Time Machine application backs data up once an hour which in my scenario is a nightmare since its pretty much constantly copying data to my Time Capsule. Luckily there is an easy solution to schedule backups on a granular schedule called Time Machine Editor. Use the information below to stop Time Machine backups from happening once every hour.

Stop Time Machine Backups From Occurring Once An Hour: 

To accomplish our goal of stopping Time Machine backups once an hour we are going to download and install an application called Time Machine Editor. Luckily Time Machine Editor is a freeware application and it provides granular scheduling for Time Machine backups which in my case occur to a Time Capsule. To download Time Machine Editor click here. The file downloaded will be called TimeMachineEditor.dmg so once the download has finished double click on TimeMachineEditor.dmg which will mount like a disk image and open a folder with TimeMachineEditor.app inside of it as shown in the below example image.

TimeMachineEditor.dmg Mounted

Drag TimeMachineEditor.app to your Applications folder and once it is done copying you can unmount the TimeMachineEdit folder from a Finder window.

Schedule Custom Time Machine Backups: 

With TimeMachineEditor installed you can begin using it by double clicking on TimeMachineEditor.app located in your Applications folder. Once clicked it will pop open a window similar to the below example image and allow you to create custom Time Machine backup schedules. Time Machine must be turned all the way off before you can begin using TimeMachineEditor.

TimeMachineEditor Custom Time Machine Backup Schedules

Now with Time Machine turned off you can configure a daily Time Machine backup, a weekly Time Machine backup, or a monthly Time Machine backup as well as any number of custom schedule TIme Machine backups as you like. Once you have installed and enabled TimeMachineEditor it will handle all of your Time Machine backups moving forward.

Ahh finally… No more all day Time Machine backups from my Macbook to my Mac Time Capsule!

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