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You Can’t Open The Application LaCie Setup Assistant.app Because PowerPC Applications Are No Longer Supported

Leave it up to LaCie to sell you a brand new Rikiki external hard drive only to let you down before you have ever used it. Luckily it wasn’t a big deal to fix at all however I could see someone like my Mom being really frustrated and not know what to do since when you plugin the Rikiki external hard drive it auto launches an application that doesn’t work. I can’t image that a bunch of people have just taken the thing back saying it does not work. Anyhow below I describe a little bit more about the error that pops up and then describe how to easily resolve the problem without having to jump through any hoops.

LaCie Rikiki Initial Installation Complains Of Not Running PowerPC Application On OSX Lion:

Right when you plugin the LaCie Rikiki hard drive an installation window appears and once clicked on the above error displays. Not to worry though with a simple format the LaCie software will be removed and your hard drive will be usable!

Format LaCie Rikiki Hard Drive Using OSX Disk Utility:

  1. Connect External Rikiki Hard Drive: First plugin the Rikiki hard drive to your OSX computer and ignore an errors that may or may not popup.
  2. Launch OSX Disk Utility: Open a Finder window on your Macintosh computer and click Applications in the left side menu. Now scroll down until you see the Utilities folder and expand that folder. Again scroll down until you see Disk Utility and double click on that application to launch it. Once launched the Disk Utility will look similar to the below example image.
    Disk Utility Displaying Rikiki External Hard DriveYou should be able to see the LaCie Rikiki hard drive in the left column typically located right underneath the primary hard drive on your Mac OSX computer.
  3. Format Rikiki Hard Drive: Typically you would only need to click on the Volume located directly underneath the drive however because of the LaCie software you have to format the actual drive itself. Click on the Rikiki drive in the Disk Utility which will be named something similar to “1 TB <probably serial number>”. Now decide the format for the Rikiki drive in the center column of the Disk Utility, provide a name if you would like to, and then click the Erase button to format the LaCie Rikiki Hard Drive.
    Want To Erase The Partition LaCie Setup AssistantAnswer yes to the pop up window which will wipe the entire drive including the faulty LaCie software.
  4. Format Rikiki Volume: This step may not be required but you should likely complete formatting the Volume located on the Rikiki with the filesystem of your choice. Personally I use exFAT because of its interoperability between Windows PC’s and Macintosh computers running OSX 10.6.5 or greater as well as the fact that it supports files larger than 4GB which is something I deal with on a regular basis. Follow the same steps you completed in step 3 however this time click on the Volume underneath the actual hard drive that used to be named LaCie Setup Assistant.

That is it! Once the volume is formatted with your favorite filesystem, which again mine is exFAT in the case of OSX, you are now ready to start using the Rikiki. While it was frustrating that they could have such old software installed I have to say that I am a fan of the quality of the case as well as it just looks slick. Enjoy…

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