WordPress Media Uploader Not Saving Title

WordPress Media Uploader Not Saving Title

I have not been posting a bunch lately however I am hoping I finally have the motivation to do so, but regardless I have not been posting for awhile which is why I just noticed the issue I was having uploading images via the WordPress Media Uploader. Everything appeared to work fine when uploading an image via the WordPress Admin however once I would save the image the Title would not save. If I edited the image after the initial upload the Title would save just fine. Below is how I was able to resolve the issue with the Title not saving on images uploaded via the WordPress Media Uploader.

WordPress Media Uploader Not Saving Title For Uploaded Images:

The issue is likely a conflict with the Media Uploader and one of your installed plugins. This has probably occurred because the Media Uploader appears to have major changes and either the plugin you have is no longer maintained, the developer has not gotten around to modifying the plugin for the new Media Uploader, or the developer does not know about the problem. Regardless it would be a pain to have to go back and edit each image after you have already entered the proper information.

Investigate WordPress Plugins That Could Possibly Interact With Uploading Images: 

Many people say that you should disable all plugins, test, and if the problem no longer occurs you know where the problem is. For me that is a real pain since I have like 35 WP plugins installed so my suggestion would be to first analyze each plugin to see if any jump out as possibly interacting with what used to be the Image Uploader in WordPress and now is called the Media Uploader in WordPress.

Disable Flexible upload D3Z Edition WordPress Plugin To Resolve Image Uploader Issue: 

In my case it was an easy find as I used to use the Flexible upload D3Z Edition plugin because it made uploading images much easier than the default WordPress image uploader. The interesting part is the plugin no longer works anyway so I lost nothing by disabling it and honestly probably gained a little performance. So if you have the Flexible upload D3Z Edition WordPress Plugin installed disable it and that should resolve your issue. I have also seen where the Content Audit plugin also causes the same issue. If you don’t have either of these plugins installed and cannot pinpoint a plugin that may interact with the Media Uploader simply disable all plugins to see if that resolves the issue. If disabling all WordPress plugins does resolve the issue then you should start enabling a single plugin at a time, test, and continue until you locate the plugin that causes the problem. Good luck!

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