I ran into an annoying problem today. I normally use Firefox for all my pentesting needs and I use google chrome as my default browser for everything else. I was setting up a new Backtrack image for myself and I installed the .deb archive for google chrome which is available on the google web site. When I went to start it up I received the following error message.


Below I will outline the simple steps to overcome this error:

1. Close out any instances of google chrome.

2. Open a terminal and change into the google chrome directory

root@bt:~# cd /opt/google/chrome/

3. Next we are going to use a Hex editor to modify the Chrome code. We are basically going to alter the section that checks to see what user is running.

root@bt:/opt/google/chrome# hexedit chrome

4. Now you will be presented with the following screen:



5. The first thing we need to do is press the tab key which will switch us into ASCII mode. You can see if this worked because your cursor will move over to the right hand column of the hex editor.

6. Next we will hit CTRL-s in order to open up the search function. The string we are looking for is the “geteuid” command.


7. Once we locate the string what we want to do is alter it from “geteuid” to “geteppd”


8. Once the ASCII string is altered we can press CTRL-x in order to save the file. Be sure to reply Yes when asked if you want to save the file or not.


9. Once the file is saved we can open Google Chrome and it should run normally.


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6 Responses to “How to Run Google Chrome as Root on Backtrack Linux”
  1. Krozus says:

    When i was on backtrack it wasn’t just for penetration testing purposes, that took me to create a normal user for ‘the other things” (i also added lucid repositories on the backtrack HD system).Nice hack hexediting googlechrome to trick it you are not root , but i will never run client applications as root . Login as root x penetration testings ans as user to browse the web and chat it could be a way , most of bactrack best security applications have to be run as root and while you logged in as root , your skype is open …


  2. James says:

    I think you have a typo on step 7 – the final value should be ‘getppid’ rather than ‘geteppd’ as it says.

    The original didn’t work, but changing it to ‘getppid’ worked for me!



    Pierce Reply:

    Thank you James it must have been a typo because it only worked when I changed ‘geteppd’ to ‘getppid’


  3. Zedex says:

    Um, It says that it’s “Read Only”
    Which in this case can’t make me edit the file O.o


    Bhadreshsinh Reply:

    You can re install deb package and than try to edit the file.

    Or kill the process of google chrome.


  4. akatzuki says:

    Thanks a lot!! The explanation is easy to follow, step by step!!


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