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Test Multiple Browsers In OSX And Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari

Test Multiple Browsers In OSX And Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari

I have looked in the past but never found a good tool for testing multiple browsers in both OSX and Windows however today I came across an Adobe product called BrowserLab that works great. The Adobe BrowserLab service is an online one that doesn’t cost any money and when I initially used it I only had to verify my email address and then I was off to the races testing websites in multiple browsers. Below I describe the accuracy of BrowserLab, the browsers you can test, and how easy it is to use.

Adobe BrowserLab Used To Test Multiple Browsers In OSX And Windows:

You can reach BrowserLab by visiting this link. This is easily the best cross-browser testing site that I have ever seen and the fact that it is free makes it that much better. The BrowserLab interface allows you to create Custom Browser Sets so you can easily select the browsers you want to test on various web pages. You can also select the order in which the browsers are tested and displayed. The web interface also keeps a history of the websites or webpages that you have tested so after you resolve issues you can come back and easily retest the same links again. The Adobe BrowserLab site is actively developed and new browsers are added as the plugins for BorwserLab are generated by Adobe developers.

Browsers & Operating System Test Combinations Available In BrowserLab:

  • Chrome 9.0: Windows
  • Chrome 10.0: Windows
  • Firefox 3.0: OSX
  • Firefox 3.0: Windows
  • Firefox 3.6: OSX
  • Firefox 3.6: Windows
  • Firefox 4.0: Windows
  • Internet Explorer 6.0: Windows
  • Internet Explorer 7.0: Windows
  • Internet Explorer 8.0: Windows
  • Internet Explorer 9.0: Windows
  • Safari 4.0: OSX
  • Safari 5.0: OSX

Adobe BrowserLab Beginning Browser Tests With Above Browser Set List:

Adobe BrowserLab Beginning Browser Tests

As you can see all of the major browsers are represented and the above accounts for the majority of web traffic. I imagine that the OSX browsers available above display similar to the Linux versions of the same browsers so with that in mind I would guess that well over 95% of all web traffic to the majority of web sites is covered.

Example Of Issue Located Using Adobe BrowserLab:

Below I show two views of the same webpage with the first example displaying properly in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows but then by simply changing the drop down menu in BrowserLab to Safari 4.0 on OSX the navigation bar is out of wack which provides me a clear view of what needs to be resolved.

Adobe BrowserLab Drop Down With Easy Switch Between Browser Views:

Adobe BrowserLab Drop Down Switch Between Browsers

The above image shows how easy it is to switch between browser types within BrowserLab. Now he first image below shows the web site displaying properly and the second example below shows the homepage icon dropped down below the navigation and the Checkout link not displaying.

BrowserLab Test Using Internet Explorer 8.0 On Windows:

BrowserLab Test In Internet Explorer 8.0 On Windows

BrowserLab Test Using Safari 4.0 On Macintosh OSX:

BrowserLab Test In Safari 4.0 On OSX

As you can see above he Adobe BrowserLab interface is easy to use, looks great, and again did I mention it is free? This should cover any browser compatibility testing that you need to complete as a freelance programmer or web designer.

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