Transfer Contacts From T-Mobile SIM Card To iPhone

Transfer Contacts From T-Mobile SIM Card To iPhone

This past weekend my wife’s T-Mobile phone broke and I had an old iPhone 3G that I decided to jailbreak for her to use on T-Mobile’s network. After finally getting the iPhone baseband correct and on the version of the iPhone iOS that I wanted to use I had a couple loose ends to resolve which included transferring her contacts to the iPhone. Luckily most of the contacts had been saved onto her T-Mobile SIM card and after a bit of research I realized it was really easy to transfer contacts from the T-Mobile SIM card to the iPhone by using the instructions below.

Transfer Contacts From T-Mobile SIM Card To iPhone:

  1. Unlock iPhone: First unlock the iPhone so you are looking at the iPhone home screen similar to the example image below.

    Locked iPhone Screen

  2. iPhone Settings: Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone home screen as shown in the example image below.

    iPhone Home Screen

  3. iPhone Mail, Contacts, Calendars: Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section as shown in the below example image and will allow you to import contacts from a T-Mobile SIM card to the iPhone.

    iPhone Settings Screen

  4. Import T-Mobile Contacts: Now scroll down until you see the button titled Import SIM Contacts as shown in the below example image. Click this button to import the contacts from your T-Mobile SIM card to your iPhone.

    Import T-Mobile SIM Contacts To iPhone

    This process may take a little while depending on the amount of contacts saved to the SIM card so be patient.

Thats it. You should now be able to go back to the iPhone home screen, click on Contacts, and view all of the contacts that were on your T-Mobile SIM card.

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