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I Wasn’t Able To Locate File For The us.hackulo.appsync40plus Package

The guy at the corner store near my house is always having me do some form of hack on his iPhone or some other random technical project so the other day when I went in to get a pack of smokes it was no surprise that he was asking me about how to upgrade Installous on his iPhone 4. He had Installous version 4 installed but I believe that Installous version 4.1.1 had been released and that is what he wanted to upgrade to. Easy enough however when I attempted to upgrade the package via Cydia it errored out. Below I describe how to get the new Installous installed.

Error Message When Attempting To Upgrade Installous:

I wasn’t able to locate file for the us.hackulo.appsync40plus package.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the screen since I was trying to fix it really quick so I could get home. Anyhow there was another sentence in the error after the package sentence above but I forgot what it was. So luckily resolving the error and upgrading Installous was easy enough.

Upgrade Installous 4 To Latest Version Via Cydia On iPhone 4:

  1. Uninstall Appsync: First uninstall Appsync by locating the package, clicking on Modify in the top right corner, and selecting Delete.
  2. Uninstall Installous: Use the exact same instructions as above to remove Installous.
  3. Install Appsync: Now click search in the bottom navigation bar, type in AppSync, click on AppSync 4+, and select Install to install the latest Appsync.
  4. Install Installous: Now again click on search, type in Installous, click on the latest Installous version, and select Install to install the latest Installous on your iPhone 4.

While the above method is not the most user friendly it does get the job done. I assume the version of Installous the corner store guy had on his iPhone was so old that the package no longer existed in the Hackulo.us repository so it error’d out when attempting to locate the package for the upgrade process.