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Macbook Pro Date and Time: Unable to Determine Current Location at this Time

I travel a lot and I have noticed that the timezone on my mac book wasn’t updating properly. I was getting lots of wrong meeting times in Outlook and various other apps that depend on time. I was getting pretty annoyed at this and decided to figure out what was up. I was pretty sure this was supposed to happen automatically so I decided to have a look and figure out what was going on.

The first thing I did was open System Preferences > Date & Time and check that the option to autoset the date and time was checked.


As you can see I had it checked properly however I received a error saying that it could not determine the current location.

Obviously there was some thing preventing my mac from communicating with the timeservers. At first I assumed it was the mac firewall and that perhaps I needed some sort of rule in order to reach the time servers. I tried turning off the firewall which did not solve my problem.

After a little searching through the preferences I determined the source of the problem was a geolocate setting.


In the security section of System Preferences, there is a setting to turn on and off Geolocate. I am not certain whether this is a default setting or if I turned it on at some point in the interest of security, however this setting was the culprit.

Once I turned this off, my mac was able to update time zones properly again.


This may seem like a simple fix but it was really giving me a headache and I was getting the wrong times on some of my conference calls. Not to mention all my Virtual machines had the wrong time. Hopefully this will save the next person some grief.