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FileZilla Transfer Speed Display, FileZilla FTP Not Showing Transfer Speeds

Tonight I was downloading some packages from a community FTP server I am a member of and noticed that the transfer speeds were not showing after I started to process the FileZilla FTP transfer queue. Initially I figured I must have unchecked a toolbar or accidentally¬†modified a view setting without knowing it. After reviewing the FileZilla configuration I couldn’t find anything that specified the display of the transfer speeds. Below I show FileZilla when it is not displaying the transfer speeds when it is in the middle processing a queue, what steps I took to resolve the issue, and last but not least what FileZilla should display when it is processing files from the transfer queue.

FileZilla Transferring Files From The Queue Without Displaying Transfer Speeds:

FileZilla FTP Client Not Displaying Transfer Speeds

As you can see in the above image the transfer speed for the files in queue, which are processing or transferring data, are not displayed. Notice the blank line in between the embrace.r28 file that is currently transferring and the embrace.r27 file which will transfer next is where the transfer speed (currently displaying in KiloBytes or KB), data (in bytes) that has transferred, percent of file that has transferred, time elapsed, and estimated time remaining for this specific file to complete transferring.

Initial Steps Taken & Recommended To Resolve The FileZilla Display Of Transfer Speeds:

First I would recommend backing up the current queue in case it gets lost while performing the below steps. That way you don’t have to start transferring the files from scratch. You can backup the queue, which you should do anyway on any very large FileZilla transfer queues, by selecting File from the top navigation menu and selecting Export from the drop down menu which will open the below FileZilla Export Settings window.

FileZilla Export Settings Window Used To Backup The FileZilla Queue:

FileZilla Export Settings

Click the OK button which will open a Windows Explorer search window that will allow you to save the FileZilla Queue to the location of your choice as an XML file. Once the FileZilla has been queued proceed to attempt the below steps to resolve the transfer speed display issue.

Pause & Start Processing FileZilla Queue Again, Clear Queue & Reload Queue From Backup:

I would first suggest right clicking in the queue and pausing it followed by processing the queue again. If the transfer speeds and other transfer status information then you should try clearing the queue, shutdown FileZilla, restart FileZilla, load the queue from the backup XML file previously created, and begin processing the queue again. If the transfer status information, which includes elapsed time, estimated time to completion of file transfer, transfer speeds, amount of data transferred, etc., then proceed to the next possible solution to the transfer status display below.

Upgrade Graphics Card Drivers & Reprocess Queue:

While doing research to find a solution to transfer status messages not displaying within FileZilla and at some point read that updating the graphic card drivers might resolve the issue though it had not been verified so I didn’t try that solution immediately. First verify the graphics card installed on the computer by opening the Windows Device Manager and expanding the tree menu next to Display Adapters as shown in the below example image.

Windows 7 Device Manager Showing Display Adapters: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

Device Manager Display Adapters NVIDIA 9600 GT

In this example the graphics card installed is obviously the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT. Right click on the display adapter and select Properties from the pop up menu to display the Properties of the display adapter as shown in the below example.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT Properties On Windows 7:

Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

The initial tab in the display adapter properties will be the General tab so click on the Driver tab to display the information similar to the above example image. You should now note the driver provider, driver date, and driver version to see if an upgrade is available from the graphics card manufacturer which in this example is Nvidia. After some research I was able to verify a driver upgrade for the NVIDIA graphics card installed in this example was available so I visited NVIDIA’s web site, searched for the latest drivers for the GeForce 9600 GT, downloaded the updated drivers, and then install the new 9600 GT drivers as shown in the group of example images below.

NVIDIA Driver Downloads: NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series – NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

GeForce 9600 GT Windows 7 Download

Click the Search button to see what drivers are available for download. Below are the results of the above search for the GeForce 9600 GT drivers for Windows 7 32-bit.

NVIDIA Driver Search Results:

NVIDIA Driver Search Results

Now click the Download button which will redirect you to a page where you have to agree with the NVIDIA license agreement. Click the Agree & Download button to download the drivers which in this case the filename is 266.58_desktop_win7_winvista_32bit_english_whql.exe. Once downloaded double click this file and follow the steps to installed the new NVIDIA drivers on your computer. Depending on the type of computer you have I would suggest selecting custom install and only installing the actual graphics card drivers and not all of the other 3D packages for gaming. You will likely need to reboot the computer after the graphics card driver installation so go ahead and reboot.

Verify FileZilla Now Displaying Transfer Speeds & Other Transfer Stats:

Once your computer has rebooted start FileZilla, load the Queue if necessary, and begin to process the queue. This time you should see the transfer speed in the expected area as shown in the below example image.

FileZilla Displaying Transfer Speeds

Why this stopped working I have no idea but updating the graphics cards did the trick.

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