Disable Emoticons In XChat, List Of XChat Emoticons

Emoticons get on my nerves so when I typed “:)” in a new install of XChat the other day I was pretty annoyed. Luckily disabling emoticons in XChat is easy and in the first part of this article I explain doing so. After disabling them I was curious what emoticons actually come configured with XChat for Windows so I tracked down where the emoticons were configured and then checked out the list of available emoticons which is described in the second part of the article.

It should also be noted that the emoticons are only installed with the XCha Eye Candy theme so you will only see them if you have installed the Eye Candy theme for XChat.

Disable Emoticons In XChat:

From within XChat type the below and type enter.

/set text_emoticons off

Here is a log of using /set text_emoticons and various options passed to the command and the response from XChat.

/set text_emoticons off
> text_emoticons set to: 0
/set text_emoticons on
> text_emoticons set to: 1
/set text_emoticons 0
> text_emoticons set to: 0
/set text_emoticons
> text_emoticons...............: OFF
/set text_emoticons 1
> text_emoticons set to: 1
/set text_emoticons
> text_emoticons...............: ON
/set text_emoticons sdfsdfsdfsdf
> text_emoticons set to: 0
/set text_emoticons
> text_emoticons...............: OFF
/set text_emoticons ?
> text_emoticons set to: 0

List Of Available Emoticons In XChat On Windows 7:

The available emoticons for XChat are configured in the icons.conf file located in the below directory.

C:\Users\WINDOWS-USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\X-Chat 2

The below output displays the contents of the icons.conf file.

XChat icons.conf Emoticon Configuration File:

# Unicode "Private Use Area #1" mapped to icons
# Fields:
#    Unicode Char in Hex<space>Flags<space>IconFile<space>Text Equivilent
# Char:
#    E000 to E03F
# Flags:
#    Decimal number, one or more of these added together:
#    1 : When seeing "Text Equivilent", automatically show this icon.
#    2 : Use "near" scaling for the icon image (default is hyper).
#    4 : Block this unichar coming through IRC (allow in text events only).
#    8 : Use gtk stock icon instead of a file.
#    16: Don't use an alpha channel (blend with the background). Falls back
#        to simpler and uglier threshold masking. Alpha channel is only
#        supported on Windows XP or newer.
# IconFile:
#    Files loaded as %APPDATA%X-Chat 2Icons<name>.ICO but also
#    falls back to C:Program FilesXChatIcons<name>.ICO
#    Suggested icon size is 15x15, but they will be scaled to the font's
#    height.
# Text Equivilent:
#    Used for Cut&Paste and log files.

E000 4 te-join -->
E001 4 te-part <--
E002 4 te-action *
E003 12 gtk-save *
E004 12 gtk-info *

E03C 21 emot-smile :)
E03D 21 emot-tounge :p
E03E 21 emot-frown :(
E03F 21 emot-wink ;)

You could easily add new emoticons to XChat by adding lines in the above file. For instance if you wanted to add an evil smile you might add a line above E03C like the below example.

Example XChat Emoticon Configuration Addition:

E03B 21 evil-smile :|

Now you would of course also have to add an emoticon image which should be saved as an 15×15 .ICO file located in the below directory.

XChat Emoticon Directory Location:

C:\Users\WINDOWS-USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\X-Chat 2\Icons

And of course to complete this article below is a picture of the above noted Icons directory showing all of the default XChat emoticons.

Image Of Default XChat Emoticons:

XChat Emoticons From Eye Candy Theme

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