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Photoshop Move Bridge Button And Remove Bridge Reference From Photoshop Menu

I would prefer to remove Adobe Bridge from my machine all together but I haven’t found a solid way to accomplish that task yet so I settled for moving the Bridge button that was in the top left corner and removing the reference to Bridge in the File menu. My issue was that many times I would accidentally click on the Adobe Bridge button and have to wait until Bridge fully launched and then close it before I could continue. Use the information below to accomplish minimizing the impact of Bridge on your Photoshop use.

Annoying Adobe Photoshop Bridge Button:

Photoshop With Bridge Button Displaying

As you can see the Bridge button is located to the right of the PS logo in the top left corner of the application when it is open. To modify the location of the Bridge button open the Plug-in Settings by clicking on Edit, selecting Preferences from the drop down menu, and then by selecting Plug-Ins from the fly out menu. Now remove the checks from the Allow Extensions To Connect To The Internet, Load Extensions Panel, and Show CS Live In Application Bar settings as shown in the below example image.

Remove Extensions Panel & CS Live From Application Bar:

Photoshop Plug-Ins Preferences

Click OK to save the new settings. You have to restart Photoshop for the new settings to take effect so close Photoshop and then restart it. In full screen mode the Bridge button will now be to the right of the normal menu options as shown below which for me has kept it out of the way.

Photoshop In Full Screen Mode:

Photoshop Bridge Button Moved

I also removed Bridge from the File menu to make sure I didn’t accidently open it there as well. This can be done by clicking Edit and selecting Menus from the drop down. Then expand File and remove the eye from the Browse In Bridge option and the Browse In Mini Bridge option as shown in the below example image.

Photoshop Menu Options:

Photoshop Menu Configuration

Both of these setting changes should minimize the chance of opening Bridge on accident while using Photoshop.

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