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Duplicate Data File Showing Twice In Outlook 2010, Same PST Opened Twice In Outlook

Earlier today I was troubleshooting a problem with sent items being displayed twice in my Outlook 2010 mail client. My configuration is definitely not standard and I have had issues before with some accounts putting two sent items in the same folder and some not however today all of the email being sent was showing up in my sent items folder twice. Initially I figured it would be a corrupt Outlook Rule or something similar but when I took at the list of my accounts in the left navigation bar within Outlook I noticed that one of my IMAP accounts was opened twice. I attempted to close one of the instances of the IMAP account without any luck. After messing around for a bit I was able to come up with a solution which is detailed below.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Same Data File Showing Twice

Outlook 2010 Same Data File Showing Twice

After noticing that the same account was displaying twice I opened up Outlook’s Account Settings configuration window and sure enough the same PST file was displaying twice underneath the Data tab. Recently I changed the display name of the account and I am guessing Outlook somehow confused this because of a crash or something similar. Anyhow below are step by step instructions on how to resolve the issue. Make sure to backup the PST file in question after closing Outlook just in case the steps below don’t work properly for you.

Resolve Duplicate Outlook PST File Displaying Twice:

  1. Close Outlook: First close Outlook and make sure there are no Outlook processes running.
  2. Backup PST File: Now backup the PST file that was opened twice within Outlook. The default location of PST files on Windows 7 is listed below.

    1. C:\\Users\\WINDOWS-USERNAME\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\Outlook
  3. Launch Mail Profile: Open the Windows 7 Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu and selecting Control Panel from the pop up menu. Once the Control Panel is opened double click on the Mail icon to launch the Mail Profile Settings window as shown below.

    Outlook Mail Profile Settings

  4. Mail Profile Data Files: Click the Data Files button to open the list of Data Files associated with the mail profile which will open a Account Settings window similar to the one displayed below.

    Outlook Mail Profile Data Files

  5. Remove Similar Data File: Select the duplicate data file that is the same and click the Remove button located above the data files list. It should be noted that initially this was marked as my default data file and it would not let me remove it. Once I set the default file to one of my POP accounts I was able to remove the second instance of the data file.
  6. Start Outlook: Now start Outlook and verify that there is only one instance of the data file in question open.

I am not 100% sure why there were duplicate data files within Outlook but I imagine it has something to do with settings being changed and Outlook not recording those changes properly.

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