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MyTouch 3G Android: The Application Twidroyd (process com.twidroid) Has Stopped Unexpectedly

MyTouch 3G Android: The Application Twidroyd (process com.twidroid) Has Stopped Unexpectedly

My wife has a T-Mobile MyTouch 3G cell phone running Android software and tonight she told me about an issue she was having with her favorite Twitter application called Twidroyd. She upgraded the application as recommended by Android but then when she went to start Twidroyd after the upgrade it would crash every single time. Then she attempted to drag the application to the trash on her MyTouch desktop however that would also fail. Below I describe what steps I tried to take to remove Twidroyd and then how I was finally able to remove the application from Android.

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Running Android Application Has Stopped Unexpectedly:

Application Twidroyd Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Sorry! The application Twidroyd (process com.twidroid) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

Steps Taken To Resolve MyTouch Android Twidroyd Error:

Initially I tried to power off the phone to see if a reboot of the MyTouch 3G would resolve the issue however once the cell phone powered back on I was receiving the exact same error.

Reinstall Twidroyd Twitter Client From Android Marketplace:

After the reboot failed I attempted to visit the Android marketplace to uninstall the application from there however this failed so I then attempted to reinstall Twidroyd over the top of the currently installed version of Twidroyd as shown in the below example image however this failed as well.

Twidroyd Replace Application Via Android Marketplace

Even though it appeared as though the new version of Twidroyd installed properly when I attempted to launch the application from the MyTouch desktop I received the same error saying that Twidroyd had stopped unexpectedly.

Clear Twidroyd Cache From T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Phone Running Android:

Next I attempted to clear the Twidroyd cache thinking that maybe something in the cache had become corrupted and this was stopping Twidroyd from starting properly. You can clear your Twidroyd cache by opening the MyTouch Settings screen, select the Applications bar from the Settings screen, and then click on the Manage Applications bar which allows you to manage and remove installed applications from the MyTouch Android phone. Scroll down until you get to the Twidroyd Twitter Client application and select it to see what options are available for this application. Notice you have four tasks that can be completed for Twidroyd from the application management screen which include Uninstall, Clear Cache, Clear Defaults, and Force Stop as shown in the below example image.

Manage MyTouch 3G Android Twidroyd Application

Notice that in this example the Twidroyd cache is currently using 5.73MB of disk space which doesn’t seem to be a ridiculous amount at all. Click the Clear Cache button to clear the Twidroyd cache which should then report the amount of space used as 0.0MB as shown in the below example image.

Twidroyd Cache Cleared To 0 MegaBytes

Uninstall Twidroyd Twitter Client Application From Android Phone:

The above still didn’t work so as a last resort I decided to uninstall Twidroyd from the same Android application management interface. Click the Uninstall button to be taken to an uninstall confirmation page where you should confirm uninstalling Twidroyd by clicking the OK button. Once Twidroyd is uninstalled the below window will display.

Twidroyd Twitter Client Uninstalled

Now proceed to the Android Marketplace and install Twidroyd  and everything should work as expected now.

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