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  • This Program Requires At Least Windows 2000 With SPTD 1.60 Or Higher. Kernel Debugger Must Be Deactivated

This Program Requires At Least Windows 2000 With SPTD 1.60 Or Higher. Kernel Debugger Must Be Deactivated

During the process of cleaning up a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 computer that is used in a development environment I started receiving an error during boot. The error window was titled as DAEMON Tools Lite and specified a requirement for a version of Windows greater than Windows 2000 and an application  called SPTD. I later discovered that SPTD stands for SCSI Pass Through Direct which is actively developed by a company called DuplexSecure and used by numerous applications including DAEMON Tools Lite. Below I describe the pop up error message in more detail and how to resolve it by installing the SCSI Pass Through Direct application.

DAEMON Tools Lite SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) Error:

Program Requires Windows 2000 With SPTD

DAEMON Tools Lite: This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.60 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated.

Install SCSI Pass Through Direct To Resolve DAEMON Tools Lite Error:

I am not sure how I started receiving this error though I assume it was from upgrading some application or by uninstalling an application during the process of cleaning up my Windows 7 development computer. Follow the below directions to resolve the issue.

  1. Download SPTD: Download the SCSI Pass Through Direct application from the DAEMON Tools web site by clicking here for the latest version. The current version is SPTD v1.77 X86 (32 bit) and the file downloaded is named SPTDinst-v177-x86.exe.
  2. Install SCSI Pass Through Direct: Double click on the file you downloaded in step one which will launch the below SPTD install window.

    SPTD Setup - SCSI Pass Through Direct

    Click the Install button to install the SPTD application needed by DAEMON Tools Lite. Once clicked the. installation window below will display.

    SPTD Setup Installing

    Once SPTD installation has completed the window in the next step will display.

  3. Reboot PC: Once the installation process has completed the window below will be displayed by the SPTD installer application.

    SPTD Installation Complete

    Now reboot your computer to complete the installation of SCSI Pass Through Direct.

You should no longer receive the DAEMON Tools Lite error regarding SPTD.