Tonight I was cleaning up a Windows 7 desktop I use for various development tasks by uninstalling dozens of applications that had been installed over time for testing. On this computer I probably keep one application long term for every 20+ applications that I install so you can imagine how messing the Programs & Features list was. Anyhow when attempting to uninstall one of the applications I received an error stating that the application was specifically designed for Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 and then would not allow removal of the application to continue. More information regarding the error and how I was able to uninstall the application are included below.

Error Uninstalling Vista Codec Package On Windows 7:

Vista Codec Package Specifically Designed For Windows Vista

Removing Vista Codec Package Error Text:

The Vista Codec Package is specifically designed for computers running any version of Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003. For this operating system, you should download and install the Win7codecs from our site.

This really is just an error in the Vista Codec Package and at first I was baffled how I even got this application installed to begin with but then I remembered this Windows 7 computer had started out as Windows Vista. This computer was upgraded at some point from Windows Vista using the Windows 7 Upgrade Anytime. Technically the Vista Codec Package should have been removed during that upgrade however it could have been released before the hooks for Upgrade Anytime were created. I was thinking that the application would have to be manually removed but then I tried one other method to remove it which ended up working. Use the information below to remove Vista Codec Package from a Windows 7 computer.

Remove Vista Codec Package From Windows 7 Computer:

Windows 7 Programs & Features - Vista Codec Package

The first time I attempted to remove the Vista Codec Package application I clicked the Uninstall button located above the list of applications in the Programs and Features window and that is what provided the error message. I was able to complete the uninstall process by instead clicking the Change button which opened the below window and by following the prompts to uninstall I was able to successfully remove the application from the computer.

Remove Vista Codec Package By Launching Change Portion Of Installer:

The below set of images shows each step of the uninstall process and the selections that should be made to remove Vista Codec Package from your Windows 7 computer.

  1. Vista Codec Package – VistaCodecs Installer: Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Vista Codec Package.

    Vista Codec Package - VistaCodecs Installer

  2. Program Maintenance: Modify, Repair, or Remove the program.

    Program Maintenance

  3. Remove The Program: You have chosen to remove the program.

    Remove The Program

  4. Uninstalling Vista Codec Package: The program features you selected are being uninstalled.

    Uninstalling Vista Codec Package

  5. InstallShield Wizard Completed: The InstallShield Wizard has successfully uninstalled Vista Codec Package.

    Vista Codec Package Removed

The Vista Codec Package application has now been removed from your Windows 7 computer. An interesting point is the fact that you can actually install this application in Windows Vista compatibility mode on Windows 7 Ultimate if you still needed it for any reason.

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