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Restore Trillian Activity History On Windows 7, Import Trillian Chat History

Restore Trillian Activity History On Windows 7, Import Trillian Chat History

As noted in previous articles my laptops Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating system install became corrupted after I attempted to install the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update. I believe the issue was related to some sort of software conflict so not necessarily all SP1’s fault though you would think there would be some form of error checking involved in the install. I waited out the upgrade for over 8 hours but in the end it still failed out. Anyhow during the process of reinstalling Windows 7 x64 on my laptop and installing all of the applications that were installed previously I wanted to restore my Trillian chat history for all of the various Trillian Connections. Below I describe what connections were configured and what Trillian Connections chat logs were restored.

Restored Trillian Connection Activity Logs Also Know As Chat History Logs:

  • [ AIM ] AOL Instant Messenger: trillian chat history can be restored
  • [ ICQ ] Internet Chat Query: trillian activity logs can be restored
  • [ IRC ] Internet Relay Chat: trillian channel, server, and private activity logs can be restored
  • [ JABBER ] Jabber XML Messaging: trillian chat history can be restored
  • [ MSN ] Microsoft Network Messenger: trillian chat logs can be restored
  • [ SKYPE ] Sky Peer-to-Peer Messenger: chat history can be restored in trillian
  • [ TWITTER ] Tweet Client: tweets received via trillian can be restored
  • [ YAHOO ] Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle: chat activity can be restored

If you are reading this article then likely you have used Trillian Astra by Cerulean Studios and know it is an awesome piece of software for communication via many different message clients which include but are not limited to the applications listed above. Follow the directions below to restore the activity history or chat logs for all of the applications used from within Trillian.

Restore Trillian Astra Instant Message History On Windows 7:

  1. Shutdown Trillian: Make sure Trillian is shutdown before you begin the next steps since the application could be writing to files  you will be backing up which could cause issues. Make sure that the Trillian Astra icon is not displaying in the Notification Area in the taskbar on Windows 7.
  2. Backup Trillian Activity History: First backup the activity history folder for the Trillian installation on the new computer or on the computer you have reinstalled Windows 7 on. Simply move the below folder to your desktop temporarily as we will be replacing the entire folder in step three below.

    1. C:\\Users\\WINDOWS-USER\\AppData\\Roaming\\Trillian\\users\\TRILLIAN-USER\\logs

    In the above Windows 7 path replace WINDOWS-USER with the Windows 7 user account name and then replace SKYPE-USER with the Trillian user account.

  3. Restore Previous Trillian Activity History: We are assuming that you previously backed up the same directory above or have a zip file that includes the contents of the logs folder from your Trillian installation. Simply drag the old “Trillian\users\TRILLIAN-USER\logs” folder into the directory location where the logs folder was moved in step two.
  4. Start Trillian: Now to see if the magic has happened! Start Trillian which should either launch a Trillian Astra contact list as shown in the below image or it will automatically minimize the Trillian Astra icon in the taskbar notification area where you can double click it to display the Trillian Astra contact list as shown below.

    Start Trillian To Verify Activity History Restore

  5. Verify Trillian Activity History Restored: After Trillian Astra has restarted scroll to a contact in your contact list that you have a long history of communication with and right click the contact as shown in the below image.

    Trillian View Contact History After Chat Logs Restored

    Select View Contact History which is the bottom selection from the pop up menu to display the contact Activity History window as shown below. Here you can verify any contact history made with this contact by date and will allow you to verify that contact has been restored.

    Trillian AIM Chat History Example

Again it is very important to restore the chat history as soon as you install a new version of Trillian Astra so you do not lose any communication with contacts or you don’t have to spend lots of time merging chat history between the two Trillian installations.

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