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How To Add YouTube To Roku, YouTube Channel On Roku

We recently purchased a Roku to play around with at the Question Defense office. So far the Roku has been pretty slick even though the navigation is fairly slow. After browsing through all of the Channels in the Roku Channel Store we were surprised that YouTube was not one of the offerings available. The good news is YouTube can easily be added and will function as the other Channels on your Roku device. Follow the directions below to add a YouTube Channel for your Roku account.

Add YouTube Channel To Your Roku Channels:

  1. Roku Account Add Channel: If you have not already done so sign up for a Roku account by visiting the Roku Owner site. Once you have an account or if you already had an account visit the Roku Add Channel page by clicking here which will open the below page where you can add channels to your Roku devices.

    Roku Add Channel

  2. Enter YouTube Channel Code: In the Add Channel field enter B8VVK, which is the YouTube channel access code, as shown in the below example image.

    Roku Add YouTube Channel Access Code

    Once the B8VVK code has been typed in the field click the green Add Channel button which will display the below confirmation window for the Roku YouTube channel.

    Confirm YouTube Channel For Roku

    Confirm the addition of the YouTube channel by clicking the green Yes, Add Channel button which will then display the below confirmation that the YouTube channel has been added to your Roku channel list.

    Roku YouTube Channel Added

  3. View YouTube On Roku: Now on your Roku the YouTube channel may not display immediately so enter the Channel Store and then click the Home button to visit your list of Roku channels. YouTube should now display in the list of available Roku channels as shown in the below example image from our Roku at the QD office.

    YouTube Channel On Roku

You can now enjoy YouTube right from your Roku device.

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