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Show Bluetooth Device MAC Address In Windows 7

While working on a project this weekend I needed a quick way to see a specific Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7 because it was not displaying properly under the Windows Bluetooth Devices section. The easiest way that I located to display Bluetooth device MAC addresses in Windows 7 was by using an application called BluetoothView. Below I describe how to download BluetoothView, run BluetoothView, and obtain the a Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7.

Download BluetoothView For Windows 7:

First visit the NirSoft BluetoothView download page located here. Scroll to the bottom of the page where there will be a download link near the bottom of the page titled “Download BluetoothView”. If you require a different language of BluetoothView you can scroll down a bit further to see if your language is available.

Run BluetoothView On Windows 7:

The file you will have downloaded above is called bluetoothview.zip and it should be unzipped to a folder such as bluetoothview. Inside the folder just created by unpacking the bluetoothview.zip file there will be an executable titled BluetoothView.exe. Double click on this file to launch BluetoothView on Windows 7 as shown in the below example image.

BluetoothView Windows 7 Bluetooth Device MAC Address View

As you can see above, as long as Bluetooth is installed and operational on your Windows 7 computer, Bluetooth devices within range will begin displaying immediately. The third column titled Address is the MAC address of the Bluetooth devices within range. If any of the devices are unknown you can Google “Vendor MAC Address Lookup” and enter the first six hexadecimal characters to see who the manufacturer of the Bluetooth device is which may help you determine what device is located at that address.

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