This is really easy to do but it will be different for Windows OS’s configured in Windows Virtual PC and Linux/Unix OS’s configured in Windows Virtual PC. For instance Windows XP Mode run from Windows Virtual PC will allow you to easily move the mouse between your desktop and the Windows XP Mode Virtual PC without skipping a beat. When you try to do the same thing within a Linux Windows Virtual PC or a Unix Windows Virtual PC this will not be the case because the Windows Virtual PC integration features are not available to anything but Windows Operating Systems at this time. Below are the instructions for breaking your mouse out of the Linux or Unix Windows Virtual PC.

Get Mouse Back To Windows 7 Desktop From Linux Windows Virtual PC Control:

All that you need to do is click Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow. When you click the Ctrl button, the Alt button, and the Left Arrow button together the mouse will now be controlled by your Windows 7 desktop again. If you want to use the mouse in the Linux Virtual PC environment again all you need to do is open the Linux Windows Virtual PC window and double click inside of it. It would be nice if there were an easier way to do this however the simple key combination isn’t too difficult.

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