When attempting to format a SD memory card on your Windows computer it is possible to receive an error which states that the disk is write protected. Resolving this problem is typically very easy and simply requires you to slide a mini switch on the side of the SD card to the unlocked position. Below is more information on the error itself as well as how to resolve the error.

The Disk Is Write Protected:

The Disk Is Write Protected

The above error can be received when attempting to format a SD card from a Windows computer. In this example I was attempting to format a 2GB SanDisk SD card on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit laptop. If you receive this error take the Secure Digital (SD) Card out of the computer and slide the switch on the side from the locked position to the unlocked position as shown in the below images.

Slide SD Card Switch To Unlocked:

SanDisk SD Card Locked SanDisk SD Card Unlocked

As you can see in the second image above the tiny grey switch has been moved from the locked position to the unlocked position. You should now be able to format he SD card without issue. Please verify that the disk has not been locked for a specific reason so you don’t accidentally overwrite important data on the Secure Digital storage card(SD card).

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