Analyze A Video File To See The Codec Needed To Play The Video

Earlier today I was asked by a user via a Question Defense comment on how to play a WMV file that would not play by default via Windows Media Player. There are numerous tools available that will provide information about audio/video files and the codecs needed to play them but I have found that AVIcodec works really well in most situations. Below is information on how to install AVIcodec and how to analyze video files once AVIcodec is installed.

Download & Install AVIcodec To Analyze Video File Codec Requirements:

  1. Download AVIcodec: First download AVIcodec from free-codecs by clicking here. The file downloaded will be named something similar to AVIcodec_1.2_b113.exe depending on the version.
  2. Install AVIcodec: Double click on the EXE file that has been downloaded to begin the installation of AVIcodec. You will need to first select the installation folder though the default location as shown in the below example image should be fine.

    AVIcodec Setup: Installation Folder

    Click the Install button to install AVIcodec. The application is small so it should install quickly and during the process the installation window will look similar to the below image.

    AVIcodec Setup: Installing

    Once the installation finishes the window above can be closed.

  3. Launch AVIcodec: Now launch AVIcodec by locating it in your Windows Start Menu. Click the application name in the start menu to launch AVIcodec which will display similar to the below image.

    Launch AVIcodec To Analyze Video File Codecs

  4. Analyze Video File Codec Requirements: Now click the Select button with the green check mark next to it. This will open a browser window where you can navigate to the video file in question. Select the video file to have AVIcodec analyze it as shown in the below image.

    AVIcodec Displaying Codec Required

Once you find out what codecs are required you can easily search for that codec for your operating system and then install it. Once installed you should be able to play the video files without issue.

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