Windows XP Recovery Console Access Denied

Recently a Dell computer running Windows XP Home Edition was dropped off at our computer shop to be repaired. The computer would not boot because it appeared that numerous Windows system files were corrupted. After some initial troubleshooting I booted to the Windows Recovery Console in an attempt to copy backups of the system files to the active locations however when I attempted to issue the copy commands from the Recovery Console I received an error of “Access Denied”. This problem can likely be fixed by running chkdsk as shown below.

Windows XP Recovery Console Access Denied Error:

Recovery Console: Access Denied

The possible cause of this error could be from a corrupted file system so using chkdsk to resolve any issues is a good first step. The chkdsk command can be run by typing “chkdsk /r” as shown in the below example. The /r will attempt to repair bad sectors on the hard drive.

Windows XP Recovery Console chkdsk:

Windows Recovery Console: chkdsk

With any luck you will be able to reboot after the chkdsk has run and the computer will boot without any further problems. It is possible that the hard drive has become corrupted and you will not be able to restore Windows in its current form however you should still be able to recover some of the data from the drive using a USB adapter or an external hard drive case. If the data is important you should hold off on reinstalling on the same hard drive so you don’t lose all of the data.

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