Clear Windows 7 DNS Cache, Flush DNS Cache On Windows 7

Earlier I was testing an issue with scanning to a Brother printer at the computer shop and needed to flush the DNS cache on my Windows 7 laptop after I made an entry on the local DNS server. Flushing the DNS cache on Windows 7 is easy using the command line from a Windows Command Prompt. Follow the directions below to clear the Windows 7 DNS cache.

Command To Clear DNS Cache On Windows 7:


  1. ipconfig /flushdns

This will flush every local entry for DNS on your local computer. You can test if you are obtaining the same address from the DNS server by using nslookup. Below is an example image of what the response will be in a Command Prompt window on Windows 7 when you flush the DNS cache. You can open a Command Prompt window by opening the Windows Start Menu and typing “cmd” without the quotes into the search field followed by clicking the Enter key.

Clear Windows 7 DNS Cache:

Clear Windows 7 DNS Cache

After using the above ipconfig command your local DNS cache will now be cleared or flushed as they say.

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