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  • irecovery.exe System Error: The Program Can’t Start Because libusb0.dll Is Missing From Your Computer

irecovery.exe System Error: The Program Can’t Start Because libusb0.dll Is Missing From Your Computer

The irecovery.exe application is used to communicate with iPhone or iPod Touch devices that are stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode. One thing that needs to be installed for the iRecovery application to work properly is LibUSB-Win32 which can be downloaded and installed for free. The error noted below will be resolved when LibUSB-Win32 has been installed properly.

iRecoery System Error: libusb0.dll Missing

Program Can't Start Because libusb0.dll Missing

To resolve this error simply download and install LibUSB-Win32 using the below directions.

Install LibUSB-Win32 On Windows 7:

Click this link to visit the LibUSB-Win32 snapshots download page. Once on this page click on the latest snapshot link which as of the writing of this article is 20101117. The file downloaded will be named something similar to libusb-win32-snapshot- based on the date of the snapshot you download. Once downloaded extract the contents of the ZIP file which currently includes three ZIP files and one executable file. The files currently included are libusb-win32-bin-debug-, libusb-win32-bin-, libusb-win32-devel-filter-, and libusb-win32-src-

Double click on the EXE file which in this example is libusb-win32-devel-filter- Follow the step by step instructions while choosing each of the default settings. This will install LibUSB-Win32 on your Windows 7 computer. Once installed properly you can launch irecovery from a Command Prompt which will look similar to the below.

iRecovery On Windows 7:


  1. C:\irecovery.exe
  2. iRecovery - Recovery Utility
  3. by westbaer
  4. Thanks to pod2g, tom3q, planetbeing, geohot and posixninja.
  6. ./irecovery [args]
  7. -f                upload file.
  8. -r                      reset usb.
  9. -c "command"            sends a single command.
  10. -s                      starts a shell.
  11. -k                      send usb exploit.
  13. C:\

iRecovery is a cool little program that can help get your iPhone out of DFU Mode or Recovery Mode.

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