Windows 7 Indexing, Speed Up Windows Indexing Process

Windows 7 Indexing, Speed Up Windows Indexing Process

I have written some articles in the past related to Windows 7 Indexing though the articles have typically been about how to disable Windows Indexing or to not include specific directories, etc. Last night I was playing around with Windows 7 Indexing because of an issue I noticed with Microsoft Visio 2007 and one of the things I have noticed is how long it takes to complete the indexing process. Below is information on how to speed up the Windows 7 Indexing process.

Speed Up Windows 7 Indexing:

  1. Launch Group Policy Editor: Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your PC and type “gpedit.msc” without the quotes into the Search box as shown in the below example.

    Windows 7: gpedit.msc

    After typing gpedit.msc you can click Enter or click on the application that displays in the search results as shown in the above image. Once clicked the Group Policy Editor will launch as shown in the below example image.

    Local Group Policy Editor : Windows 7

  2. Open Windows Search Policies: Now drill down in the tree menu located on the left side of the Local Group Policy Editor by clicking on Administrative Templates underneath Local Computer Policy, then clicking on Windows Components, and then by clicking on Search to display all of the policies related to Windows Indexing as shown in the below example image.

    Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search

  3. Disable Indexer Backoff: Now double click on Disable Windows Indexer Backoff to display the Windows Indexer Backoff options as shown in the below image.

    Disable Indexer Backoff

    Click the Enable radio button followed by Apply in the lower right corner to save the settings as shown in the below example image.

    Enable The Disable Indexer Backoff

    Now the Windows 7 Indexer is not throttled by Windows.

  4. Reboot Computer: I am not sure if this is required but I went ahead and rebooted and could immediately see a speed difference in how fast Windows 7 was Indexing.

The Windows 7 Indexing should be happening much quicker now. Once it is completed I will be able to see if it has made a difference regarding searching for Visio Shapes.

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