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How to Boot the Recovery Partition on a Acer Aspire when Alt – F10 Does Not Work

I had a Acer aspire one in the shop today and it had a variety of critical Windows issues. While doing some tests one of the things I did was rebuild the windows boot loader using the /FIXBOOT & /FIXMBR commands from a recovery disk. What I did not realize is it seems Acer has a custom boot loader which allows for the keys Alt & F10 to be pressed on boot in order to reinstall from the recovery partition so when I reinstalled the boot loader I overwrote the Acer one. This prevented the Alt – F10 combination from being used to access the recovery partition. Now, normally if you can boot into Windows there is a icon in the start menu to execute the recovery program but in my case Windows was so messed up due to a bad chkdsk I was not able to do that.

In order to fix this issue you will need a cd drive to boot from and a program to burn image files. In my case I like to use Image burn because its free and is full of features.

1. Download the following file Smart Boot Manager and extract it on your desktop

2. Inside you will find a file called sbminst.iso

3.  Burn this .iso file to a cd with whichever burning program you decide to use.

4. Insert the cd into the Acer laptop and press F12 when the initial boot screen comes up

5. You will need to select your CD rom from the list of boot devices

6. Once the CD boots you will see a screen similiar to this.


7. If all goes well you will see your recovery partition in the list.

8. Highlight it and hit return and it will boot it. Note: If you get a disk write error just hit return again. This is just because we cannot make changes to the .iso. SBM was originally developed for a floppy disk where you could save changes.

9. At this point you should be able to continue the system recovery like normal.