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Get A Refund For An App Purchased From The iTunes Store

The question has come up numerous time on how to get a refund on an iPhone app or iPod Touch app purchased from the iTunes store so I decided to write a quick howto. After completing the below process Apple should respond within a couple days and refund your money with a week or so as long as the request for a refund is valid. It is possible you won’t get a response at all if the request to refund the cost of the application is not valid. Follow the directions below to complete a refund request for applications purchased from the iTunes Store.

Get A Refund For An iPhone App:

  1. Launch iTunes: First launch iTunes by either plugging in your iPhone or by double clicking iTunes to launch the iTunes application as shown in the below example image.

    iTunes Store: Home

  2. iTunes Account Information: Now click Account in the Quick Links box located on the right side of the iTunes Home screen which will require that you sign in as shown in the below pop up window.

    iTunes Sign In

    Once signed in the Account screen below will display in iTunes.

    iTunes Account Information

  3. iTunes Purchase History: Once you are signed in and the account information screen displays click the Purchase History button to display the iTunes Purchase History screen as shown in the below example image.

    iTunes Purchase History

  4. Locate App Purchase: Scroll down in the iTunes Purchase History window and use the navigation controls to locate the app purchase, by using the Previous/Next buttons, that you want to get refunded.

    iTunes App Purchase History

    Once you have located the order that includes the app you want refunded click the circle with an arrow in it to the left of the order which will display the details as shown in the below image.

    iTunes Order Details

  5. Request App Refund: Now click the Report A Problem button located to the left of the Done button below the order details. This will add “Report A Problem” links to the right of each application listed in the order as shown in the below example image.

    iTunes Order: Report A Problem Links

    After the Report A Problem links are added next to each application in the order click on the Report A Problem link next to the correct application which will open the below window within iTunes.

    iTunes Order Report A Problem

    Select the Problem from the drop down menu (shown below), fill in the details about the issue, and then click the Submit button to submit your refund request.

    iTunes: Request A Refund For An App

    Once submitted you should receive an email confirming that you submitted a request and you should receive a response within a couple of days.

You won’t always get a refund but chances are if this is the first request you have made it should not be a problem.