Mac OSX 10.6 Sticky Notes Shortcuts

I love notes. I am the kinda guy that puts notes every where including all over my computer desktop. Mac has a really cool application which is called sticky notes. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I really like it. It has multi colored notes so I can keep my tasks color coded. Today I discovered a really neat feature when using sticky notes.

Normally If I was reading something in a PDF or on the web I would have to copy it manually and then open Sticky Notes and paste it in. Today I found a key combination which automates this process.

1. Simply highlight the text you would like to add to the note as I have done in the following picture.


2. Then hit Command – Shift – y and your highlighted text will automatically be placed on a new sticky note


This has become a really useful short cut for me and I have only been using it one day so far. Hope it helps someone else as well.