Right Click Without A Mouse In Windows 7 Or Windows XP

Right Click Without A Mouse In Windows 7 Or Windows XP

Last weekend I found myself working on a laptop that had numerous problems including it could not boot. After fixing the Master Boot Record(MBR) the computer was able to boot but the mouse was not working. It is fairly easy to navigate around a Windows XP computer without a mouse however right clicking is something that can be missed. Use the information below to right click on a computer that doesn’t have a mouse installed.

Right Click On Windows XP Without A Mouse:

First navigate to the file or folder you want to right click by using the tab key. Once the file is highlighted you can right click by holding the shift key and pressing F10. use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the pop up menu and click Enter to select the option you want to open.

Right Click On Windows 7 Without A Mouse:

The same directions noted above also work in Windows 7 without issue.

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