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No Video Displaying For D-Link DCS-3220 Surveillance Camera

Earlier this week I brought some security cameras from my house to the computer shop to hookup not only for security but also so we could make some funny clips about what happens in the store and on the sidewalk outside of the store. I ended up bringing 4 cameras which included a D-Link DCS-3220 and three D-Link DCS-950G’s. The D-Link DCS-3220 is a much nicer surveillance camera than the D-Link 950G’s however it doesn’t have wireless capabilities like the DCS-950G. The first camera I attempted to get working was the DCS-3220 but almost immediately I ran into issues which made me think I had damaged the camera bringing it to the shop.

D-Link DCS-3220 With No Video:

D-Link DCS-3220 With No Video Displaying

After plugging in the camera I was able to connect via a browser to verify the video and make some configuration changes but as you can see above no video was displaying. I modified all of he settings that I could think of to see if the black image that was displaying could be because of a bad configuration of some sort. Some of the options, which were all on the Video configuration page, I played around with but didn’t make a difference are listed below.

  • Color: Changed Color from COLOR to B/W (Black & White)
  • Size: Changed Size from 704×480/704×576 to 176×120/176×144
  • Maximum Frame Rate: Changed from 10 to 1
  • Key Frame Interval: Changed from 120 to 1
  • Fixed Bit Rate: Modified the fixed bit rate from 1200Kbps to 64Kbps

All of the changes above were made one at a time to see if it changed anything on the surveillance camera but it did not. I also tried to adjust the focus on the security camera lens but that also did not make a difference. I temporarily gave up and started to configure a different camera when I realized what the problem was. I had used one of the DCS-950G power supplies for the DCS-3220! Below are the images of the two different power supplies.

D-Link DCS-950G Surveillance Camera Power Supply:

D-Link DCS-950G Power Supply

D-Link DCS-3220 Surveillance Camera Power Supply:

D-Link DCS-3220 Power Supply

Notice how the D-Link DCS-950G power supply is 5V/2.5A and the D-Link DCS-3220 power supply is 12V/1.5A. The DCS-950G power supply must be just enough to get the web interface on the DCS-3220 working but not enough to display the video. Once I plugged in the correct power supply, the 12V/1.5A power supply, the DCS-3220 video started working without any issues as seen in the below example image.

D-Link DCS-3220 Surveillance Camera Displaying Video:

DCS-3220 Video Displaying

The moral of the story is if you are having a video problem with your DCS-3220 security camera you should verify the correct power supply is plugged in. :) On a side note the DCS-3220 and the DCS-3410 are awesome security cameras.

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