I have been using Google Chrome for quite sometime and believe it to currently be the best all around browser. The browser is easily the most lightweight mainstream browser available and it appears to be gaining ground on the other popular browsers including FireFox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. There are still certain web sites and hardware that has internal browsers that require you to use FireFox or IE however that list continues to become shorter. Anyhow the current stable version of Google Chrome is 7.0.517.44 and I wanted to upgrade to the latest beta version which is Google Chrome version 8.0.552.28.

Current Stable Google Chrome Version:

Google Chrome Stable Version: 7.0.517.44

You can obtain your current version of Google Chrome by clicking the wrench in the Google Chrome toolbar and selecting “About Google Chrome” which will open a window similar to the image above. Follow the directions below to upgrade to the latest Google Chrome beta version available which currently is Google Chrome version 8.0.552.28.

Upgrade Google Chrome To Google Chrome Beta:

  1. Google Chrome Beta: First visit the Google Chrome Beta web site by clicking here. This will open a page similar to the below window.

    Google Chrome Beta Install Web Site

  2. Begin Chrome Beta Install: Click the blue button, which says Get Google Chrome (BETA), located near the top right of the Google Chrome Beta web site pictured above. This will open the terms of service pictured below.

    Google Chrome Beta Terms Of Service

  3. Agree To Terms & Install: Review the Google Chrome Terms of Service and then verify the check marks for “Set Google Chrome as my default browser” and “Help make Google Chrome better by automatically sending statistics and crash reports to Google”. If you agree to the Terms of Service click the Accept and Install button to install the Google Chrome Beta version. This will begin downloading the Google Chrome Beta version as shown in the below example image.

    Google Chrome Installer: Downloading Google Chrome

    Once Google Chrome Beta has downloaded it will automatically begin installing as shown in the below image.

    Google Chrome Installer: Installing Google Chrome Beta

  4. Verify Google Chrome Beta: Once Google Chrome has finished installing the below window will display confirming the Chrome Beta version has been installed.

    Thanks For Installing Google Chrome Beta

    Click the Close button to close the window shown in the image above and then close all browser windows. Now launch Google Chrome and the new version should now be running which can be verified by clicking the wrench in the Google Chrome toolbar and selecting About Google Chrome from the drop down.

    Google Chrome Beta Version 8.0.552.28

So far I have not had any issues at all with the Google Chrome beta version however you should only install this version if you don’t mind the occasional issue because it is possible with any beta version to run into issues.

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