How to Downgrade Skype to Work on a MacBook Pro

The day I got my new Macbook pro I was searching around and installing the mac versions of all my favorite software. When I got to Skype I of course, downloaded the most current version. The program installed fine but when I entered my credentials and hit connect Skype just hung there for about ten minutes and then said it was unable to connect. This was pretty unusual since Skype has always been a great program so I decided to get to the bottom of the problem so I could hopefully help the next person who has this problem.

Turns out the fix is pretty simple I just had to downgrade to a earlier version:

1. Uninstall your current version of skype

2. Delete “shared.xml” from *userhome*/Library/Application Support/Skype

3. Download this version of Skype. I tried various different ones and Skype version is the most current version that worked.

4. Install it like normal

5. Once its installed make sure to turn of the Auto Updater

You should now have a working Skype

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