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How To Right Click With iRdesktop The iPhone Remote Desktop iPhone Application

Today I had to use iRdesktop on my iPhone to perform some tasks on a Windows 7 computer at my house via a Remote Desktop Connection. The iRdesktop application allows you to make connections to Windows Remote Desktop on your iPhone or iPod Touch. While performing my tasks I needed to right click a file and wasn’t exactly sure how to do it with iRdesktop. After some playing around with the application I figured out how to right click from within the iRdesktop application. Below there is more information on how to right-click using iRdesktop on your Apple iDevice.

iRdesktop: Remote Desktop iPhone Application – Download iRdesktop

iRdesktop: iPhone Remote Desktop Application

Using right click in iRdesktop is actually fairly simple though it can take some practice to perfect what needs to be done. Once you have made an iRdesktop remote connection to a Windows computer click on the iPhone touch screen and hold it for a second or two. When doing this you will see the menu that appears when you typically right click as shown in the below example image.

iRdesktop: Right Click Example During Remote Desktop Connection

iRdesktop: Right Click

As you can see in the above example the right click menu will display in iRdesktop when clicking the touch screen and holding it for a couple seconds. The example above displays right clicking the desktop on a Windows 7 computer.

iRdesktop: Click To Download Via iTunes

The iRdesktop application is definitely worth a couple dollars however it is offered for free in the iTunes store making it a must have for any system administrators that own an iPhone. iRdesktop allows people to configure multiple remote desktop connections to connect to any time an Internet connection is present on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

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