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Stop Receipts From Printing When CA/AT/NS Button Pressed On XE-A203 Cash Register

We have a Sharp XE-A203 cash register in the shop and haven’t really ever spent the time to configure it all the way. We were pretty amazed when we downloaded the XE-A203 manual and skimmed over it to see what the capabilities of the XE-A203 device were. You can program the XE-A203 cash register to do all sorts of stuff including employee data, department data, etc. There is even a power save mode on this cash register. We rarely deal in cash so we are always clicking a single button to open the register and put receipts or checks underneath the inside cash drawer. The problem with that though is every single time the drawer was opened a receipt was printed thus wasting paper. Below is information about how to configure the XE-A203 cash register to not print a receipt every time the CA/AT/NS button is pressed.

Disable Receipt Printing On XE-A203 Cash Register:

Sharp XE-A203 Cash Register

  1. Turn Key To OP x/z: First you will need to turn the key on your XE-A203 cash register to the OP x/z position as shown in the below example images.

    XE-A203 Cash Register: Key To OP x/z

  2. Disable Receipt Printing: With the key in the OP x/z position click the RCPT/PO key which will disable the printing of receipts on the XE-A203 Sharp cash register. When the receipts are disabled a flat line will display on the cash register above the RCPT OFF text as shown in the below image.

    XE-A203: Receipts Disabled

  3. Turn Key To REG: Now turn the key back to REG as shown in the above example image which will put the cash register back into regular operation mode.
  4. Test CA/AT/NS Button: Press the CA/AT/NS button to verify no receipt is printed every time you need to open the cash drawer. Please note that all receipts are now disabled so if you require receipts from the cash register for your customers this solution will not work.

You can now open the cash drawer on your Sharp cash register without a receipt binging printed every single time.

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