How To Delete A Profile On Xbox 360

How To Delete A Profile On Xbox 360

Over the past couple of years I have had many friends use my Xbox 360 and in doing so they added their profiles to the device. Every time I want to login I have to sort through multiple profiles to locate the one I want to login with so I finally decided to clean up all of the profiles except for the primary one I use. You would expect the Xbox 360 interface to have a delete option directly from where the profiles are listed however it probably is not included there to cut down on accidentally deleting the incorrect profile. Below are instructions on how to delete profiles from your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Sign In Profiles:

Xbox 360 Sign In Profiles

Above is an example of multiple profiles that can be selected to sign in to Xbox Live or sign in locally to your Xbox 360.

Delete A Profile On A Xbox 360:

  1. My Xbox: Start your Xbox 360 and navigate to the My Xbox section as shown in the below example image.

    Xbox 360: My Xbox

  2. System Settings: Once on the My Xbox main section scroll to the right until you get to the end which should be System Settings as displayed in the below example image.

    My Xbox: System Settings

    Click the System Settings mini window to open the Xbox 360 System Settings configuration window as shown in the below image.

    Xbox 360 System Settings

    There are multiple options available from the System Settings configuration window including Console Settings, Family Settings, Memory, Network Settings, Computers, Xbox Live Vision, and Initial Setup.

  3. Xbox 360 Memory Management: From the System Settings configuration window scroll down to Memory and click the A button from your controller to select it. This will take you to a new screen that will verify which Memory device you want to manage and as shown in the example image below there will typically only be one selection which will be the Xbox 360 Hard Drive.

    Xbox 360: Memory: Storage Devices

    It is possible to have multiple devices display such as memory cards or another hard drive so make sure to select the proper device.

  4. Manage Gamer Profiles: After clicking the Hard Drive from the System Devices window you will see numerous categories that can be managed from the Hard Drive configuration window shown below.

    Xbox 360: Memory: Hard Drive

    We will be concentrating on Gamer Profiles however as you can see there are many other options including Games, Demos, Videos, Themes, Gamer Pictures, Avatar Items, System Items, and Music which can be deleted from this interface as well. Select Gamer Profiles to view all of the Gamer Profiles saved to the system as shown in the below image.

    Gamer Profiles: Xbox 360

    In this example we will be deleting the whataday profile from this Xbox 360.

  5. Delete Xbox 360 Gamer Profile: Scroll to the Xbox 360 profile you want to delete and click the A button on the Xbox 360 controller to display the available options for that gamer profile as shown in the below image.

    Xbox 360 Gamer Profile

    Scroll to the Delete option and click the A button on your xbox 360 controller which will pop open the Delete Profile options as shown below.

    Xbox 360 Delete Profile

    You can either delete the profile only or you can delete the entire profile, saved games, and any other data stored for that profile. Make sure to verify you are deleting the proper profile or you could lose all of your saved games. If you won’t ever be ¬†using the profile again then it makes since to delete the profile and items so make your selection by highlighting the item and then clicking the A button on your controller.

  6. Verify Profile Deleted: Once you delete the profile the list of available gamer profiles to modify will not include the profile you have just deleted. You should also verify the profile is deleted by going back to My Xbox and checking the Sign In window to see if the profile you deleted no longer shows.

Deleting Xbox 360 Gamer Profiles is easy once pointed in the correct direction. You now should have one less profile on your Xbox.

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