At one point during the election in 2008 I signed up for text messages from Barrack Obama’s campaign. After the election I completely forgot about signing up for the text messages and didn’t receive any for almost a year after Obama was elected. Anyhow at one point I all of the sudden started receiving text messages again and honestly just didn’t want to receive them anymore. At times they came early in the morning or late at night and it just became annoying. Below is information on how to stop receiving the text messages from 62262 which is Barrack Obama’s short code.

Stop Messages From Obama Campaign: 62262

To do this simply reply to the text message you received with “STOP” not including the quotes. If you have deleted all of the text messages you have received then text STOP to 62262. After sending STOP to the Obama short code you should receive the message shown in the below example image.

Stop Receiving Messages From Obama Administration

Other Messages That Can Be Sent to 62262

  • HELP: should provide information about the capabilities of the information application you are communicating with however it really just provides basic information as shown in the below image.

    Obama Short Code 62262: Help Message

  • ringtone1: you are supposed to be able to obtain ringtones from the application by texting ringtone1, ringtone2, ringtone3, ringtone4, ringtone5, ringtone6, ringtone7, ringtone8, ringtone9, ringtone10, ringtone11, or ringtone12 to 62262 however this appears to not be working as shown in the below image.

    Reply From 62262 When Trying To Obtain Obama Ringtone

  • HEALTH: healthcare policy updates
  • EDUCATION: education policy updates
  • IRAQ: info about bringing troops back from Iraq
  • JOBS: information about economic policy
  • REFORM: info about cleaning up Washington
  • STOP: as mentioned previously this should stop all text messages from the Barrack Obama campaign

It appears that all of the above are not working except for HELP and STOP. If they are working the reply messages are not very descriptive and when attempting to obtain a ringtone using the ringtone1 through ringtone12 messages a default message is received back but no ringtone at least no ringtone on my iPhone.

Receive More Text Messages Regarding Barrack Obama:

If you want to receive even more messages regarding the Obama administration then you can text “FOLLOW BARRACKOBAMA” to 40404.

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4 Responses to “Stop Receiving Text Messages From Barrack Obamas Campaign, Text Messages From 62262”
  1. lkg says:

    I have sent the STOP message twice, the second time just now, and I get no message back, and the messages keep coming. Each one reduces my minutes and I get all the info by email I only wanted texts for the election!


    alex Reply:

    Hello lkg,

    The directions in the article worked for us and I fear that they may have changed the setup which is why it is not working for you. If you find a way to stop the messages please let us know so others can use the same information.



  2. lkg says:

    Hey, it worked, I was about to come over here. I got the signoff message from pOtus a half hour ago, about 5 hours after my STOP mesage. I checked my old messages and I did correctly send them STOP in November 2010 also. I don’t know why that didn’t work, but I’m glad it did this time! Maybe they saw this forum! ;D


    alex Reply:

    Hello lkg,

    Awesome. Glad it worked out! Thanks for following up.



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