Convert a .daa File to a .iso in Linux using Poweriso

Often times I still come across .daa files. Although we can burn these to disc as a image I prefer the .iso format. Anytime I get a .daa file I normally convert it to .iso for storage. .iso files seem easier to work with and more burning programs supChange into the newly port its format. I decided to make a quick post on converting these in Linux. As with every thing in Linux I am sure there are lots more ways to do this however my way is all via command line so it can be easily done via ssh on servers which, for me is very useful.

1.The first thing we need is the command line Linux version of poweriso.

Download it here

2. Untar the archiive


  1. purehate@infidel:~/Downloads$ tar xzvf poweriso-1.3.tar.gz
  2. poweriso

3. The poweriso file is just a binary as it is not open source


  1. purehate@infidel:~/Downloads$ ls -lah poweriso
  2. -rwxr-xr-x 1 purehate purehate 653K 2008-09-19 08:41 poweriso

4. We can either run this from the current directory or I like to go ahead and copy it over to /usr/local/bin so it will be in my path.


  1. purehate@infidel:~/Downloads$ sudo cp -p poweriso /usr/local/bin/

5. Running the command with -? will give us the usage


  1. purehate@infidel:~/Downloads$ poweriso -?
  3. PowerISO   Copyright(C) 2004-2008 PowerISO Computing, Inc
  4.             Type poweriso -? for help
  6. Usage:    poweriso <command> [parameters] [-switches]
  8. <Commands>
  10.  list <image file> <directory>    List files and directories in image file.
  11.      Example:  List all files and directories in root direcory of /home/sam/test.iso .
  12.      Command:  poweriso list /home/sam/test.iso / -r
  14.  extract <image file> <dir/file name>   Extract files/directories from image file.
  15.      Example:  Extract all files and directories in root direcory of /home/sam/test.iso
  16.                to /home/sam/test recursively.
  17.      Command:  poweriso extract /home/sam/test.iso / -od /home/sam/test
  19.  convert <image file>    Convert image file to other format.
  20.      Example:  Convert /home/sam/test.daa to standard iso file
  21.      Command:  poweriso convert /home/sam/test.daa -o /home/sam/test.iso -ot iso
  23. <Switches>
  25.  -r             List or extract recursively.
  26.  -o             Specify output image file name.
  27.  -od            Specify output folder.
  28.  -ot <iso|daa|bin>    Specify output image file type. If not specified,
  29.                 the image type will be determined by file name suffix.
  30.  -volsize <n>   Split output image file to multiple volumes, and set volume
  31.                 size to <n>. Example: -volsize 100M
  32.  -setpassword <password>   Set password for output image file.
  33.                 Example: -setpassword 12345678

6. File conversion is fairly straight forward, poweriso supports iso,daa and bin image files.

I will convert a backtrack .daa file to a .iso for my example


  1. purehate@infidel:~/Isos$ poweriso convert bt4-r1.daa -o bt4.iso -ot iso
  3. PowerISO   Copyright(C) 2004-2008 PowerISO Computing, Inc
  4.             Type poweriso -? for help
  6. Converting from bt4-r1.daa to bt4.iso ...   100%
  7. purehate@infidel:~/Isos$

7. Once the conversion is finished we will now have a working .iso file. Obviously the conversion will work the opposite way as well from .iso to daa.

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