Last week I tried a bunch of different methods to try and upgrade a Dell PE650 BIOS. I finally settled on using a floppy disk to upgrade the BIOS however I initially ran into some issues with various floppy drives and floppy disks. One of the issues was an error message I received when attempting to access the floppy disk located within a floppy drive I had just installed on a Windows XP computer. Below I describe the error and how I was able to get past this specific error.

Floppy Disk Drive Error:

No ID Address Mark Was Found On The Floppy Disk

At first I thought that maybe the disk within the floppy drive that I was using had issues however I was able to get past this error by reinstalling the default drivers for the floppy drive. Follow the directions below to reinstall the drivers for the floppy drive.

Reinstall Floppy Disk Drive Drivers On Windows XP:

  1. Open Device Manager: First you will need to open the Windows XP Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties from the pop up menu. Next click on the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager button to launch the Device Manager.
  2. Update Drivers On Floppy Disk Drive: Now scroll down in the Device Manager tree until you see Floppy Disk Drives and click on the + symbol next to Floppy Disk Drives to display the available drives. Assuming you only have one Floppy Disk Drive right click it and select Update Driver from the menu as shown in the below example image.

    Floppy Disk Drive: Update Driver

  3. Driver Update Process: The first window that will open is the Hardware Update Wizard as shown below. Select No Not This Time and then click the Next button.

    Windows XP: Hardware Update Wizard

    The next screen will request to search automatically or have you specify the location of the updated driver for the Floppy Disk Drive. Select Install from a list or specific location and then click the Next button.

    Windows XP: install from a list or specific location

    Next you will select the installation options which in this case will be to choose the driver to install manually as shown in the below example image.

    Hardware Update Wizard: Installation Options

    After clicking the Next button a list of available drivers will display as shown in the below example. There is only one possible Floppy Disk Drive driver by default so select that and click the Next button.

    Hardware Update Wizard: Select Driver

    After clicking the Next button above the driver will install and when it is completed the below Hardware Update Wizard window will display. Simply click Finish to complete the floppy disk drive driver installation.

    Hardware Update Wizard: Complete

  4. Verify Floppy Disk Drive: You should now be able to access the floppy disk located within the floppy disk drive which can be verified by opening the A: drive in Windows Explorer. You may need to format the floppy disk before writing files to the disk.

That is all that should need to be completed for the floppy disk drive to operate without issue. If you continue to have issue you might try changing the floppy disk drive cable or trying out a new floppy disk.

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2 Responses to “Windows Floppy Drive: No ID Address Mark Was Found On The Floppy Disk”
  1. Floppy Casualty says:


    Thank you for sharing. I just wanted to say that this didn’t work for me. (I have a small domain of 60 computers.) I also tried the maraud of other suggestions I have read. Personally, I think MS is purposely trying to phase out floppies.

    I wanted to share my “solution”. I used an external USB floppy drive. It works fine.

    Thank you again for helping us!


    alex Reply:

    Hello Floppy Casualty,

    No problem. Thanks for taking the time to note another solution… it is much appreciated!



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