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Upgrade The BIOS On A Dell PE650, Upgrade Poweredge 650 BIOS

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to upgrade the BIOS on a Dell Poweredge 650. I had multiple problems because I didn’t have a floppy drive to use at first and the fact that the PE650 is an older Dell server model. Since I didn’t have a floppy drive to test with initially I attempted to use the Dell System Build & Update Utility however I was unable to ever get it working properly. Initially the problem was simply getting the tool downloaded. Finally I decided to order a floppy drive and below are instructions to upgrade the PE650 using a floppy disk.

In this example I was upgrading a Dell PE650 from BIOS version A04 to BIOS version A05.

Upgrade Dell Poweredge 650 BIOS Using A Floppy Disk:

  1. Download A05 Floppy Disk App: Visit the Dell BIOS FTP site in a browser by clicking here. Locate the PE650-BIOSA05.EXE file, right click it, and save as.
  2. Launch BIOS Floppy Tool: Now insert a floppy disk into the floppy drive on your computer and double click the PE650-BIOSA05.EXE file to launch the Dell application which will display similar to the example image below.

    Dell Server System BIOS Application

  3. Format Floppy With BIOS: Now click the Continue button to format the floppy disk with the Dell BIOS as shown in the below example image.

    Dell BIOS Floppy Format For PE650

    Once the floppy has been created successfully the application will display a successful message as shown below.

    Successful Dell BIOS Boot Floppy

  4. Reboot Server: Now insert the floppy you have just created into the PE650 floppy drive. Modify the BIOS to boot from the floppy drive and then reboot your server. During the boot process the server will display that it is booting into MS-DOS as shown in the below image.

    pe650 Booting BIOS Floppy

    After the “Starting MS-DOS” message the BIOS upgrade screen will display as shown below.

    Dell Flash BIOS PE650 Upgrade To A05

  5. Upgrade Dell PE650 BIOS: From the Dell Flash BIOS screen above click any key to continue to the screen shown below.

    Dell Flash BIOS: Confirm A04 to A05 Upgrade

    Click “Y” to upgrade the Dell Poweredge 650 BIOS from version A04 to A05. Once you click shift plus “y” on your keyboard the upgrade will begin as shown below. The first step in the process will be the application erasing the current flash.

    Dell Flash Server BIOS: Erasing Flash

    After the flash has been erased the programming of the flash with the new BIOS will begin as shown below.

    Dell Flash BIOS: Programming Flash

    Once the flash has been programmed with the new BIOS it will be verified to be in working condition as shown in the below example.

    Dell Flash BIOS: Comparing Flash

  6. Reboot Server: After the BIOS flash application has finished you should reboot the server by pressing any key on the keyboard as noted in the image above.
  7. Verify BIOS Version: Once your server is back online you can verify the BIOS version from Linux by using dmidecode as shown below.

    1. [root@cent1 ~]# dmidecode -s bios-version
    2. A05
    3. [root@cent1 ~]#

The BIOS on your Dell Poweredge 650 has now been upgraded from its previous version, which in this example was A04, to Dell PE650 BIOS version A05.

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