Last night I was working on upgrading the BIOS on an older Dell Poweredge 650 that I have been using as a PostgreSQL development server. One of the CD’s I needed to create is downloaded from Dell as two parts of an ISO file that needed to be combined so below is information on how to combine the files using the Windows copy command.

List Of Files To Combine Using Windows Copy:

C:UsersalexDesktop>ls -alh | grep om_
-rwx------+ 1 Administrators None   1.5G 2010-09-16 10:57 om_5.5.2_suu_a00.iso.001
-rwx------+ 1 Administrators None   1.4G 2010-09-16 10:42 om_5.5.2_suu_a00.iso.002

The above output shows the two files that need to be combined into a single ISO. This can be done using the copy command on Windows as shown below. In the below command we use /b to specify the output is binary instead of ascii which you would use /a to specify.

Combine ISO Split Files Using Windows Copy:

C:UsersalexDesktop>copy /b OM* OM_610_SUU_A00.iso
        1 file(s) copied.

In the above example of using the copy command the end result is a single ISO file that can now be burned to DVD. The copy command can be used to combine many sorts of files for example if you had two text files that you wanted to combine you could do that and the contents would be in the order of the files.

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2 Responses to “Use Windows Copy To Combine Split Files On Windows 7”
  1. Robert says:

    Is there a way just to do the reverse? That is, split the file combined with Copy /b right at where the files were combined so that the splited files are still in their integrities, as in the states before combined.

    The reason I am asking is because I would like to combine an exe and a zip file and ship the combined file to users and then run some command line (which I am asking you) to split file back to the exe and the zip.

    There are some spliter software out there but they do not split a file at given offset. If they did, I can think to remember the size or length of the file in front and split the combined file at the offset that equals the size of the file in front. For example, I have file1.exe/size 1024 bytes (1K) and 1048576 butes (1M). We can combine these two files using the method in your article:

    Copy /b combined.???

    But I am looking for something reverse like:

    Split /b /at:1024 file1.exe

    Is there such a utility in Windows? I think Windows should provide such tools since it has the combining tool.

    Thanks in advance!


    alex Reply:

    Hello Robert,

    I don’t know of an application that does exactly what you want though I don’t know why it would need to be split at the exact same locations as any splitter app should split the file and be able to assemble it again without issue. I haven’t done a lot of this but it would be the same as everyone that slits the files in the first place as I understand it.



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