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iTunes Could Not Sync Calendars To The iPhone Because The Sync Server Failed

iTunes Could Not Sync Calendars To The iPhone Because The Sync Server Failed

I typically charge my iPhone using a USB cable that attaches to my computer but recently I have been using the wall charger because my computer wasn’t always close. After using the wall charger for a week or so without ever actually syncing my iPhone to iTunes on my Windows 7 computer I attempted to synchronize my iPhone to my computer but received an error related to synchronizing the calendar during the process. I hadn’t modified any settings that I was aware of on the iPhone or within iTunes on the Windows 7 computer so I wasn’t exactly sure what caused the issue to begin with. Below is more information related to the calendar synchronization error and how I was able to resolve the error with one simple setting in iTunes.

Error Synchronizing iPhone Calendar With Outlook Calendar Through iTunes:

iTunes Could Not Sync Calendars To The iPhone

Error Text: iTunes could not sync calendars to the iPhone “alex’s iPhone” because the sync server failed to sync the iPhone.

Resolve iPhone Calendar To Outlook Calendar Sync:

Resolving the issue was fairly easy however be aware that the solution below will overwrite any calendar items on the iPhone that are not in the mail client you are syncing with. In my scenario I am synchronizing the iPhone calendar with the calendar in Microsoft Outlook on Windows 7 using the iTunes client on the Windows computer. To resolve the issue connect the iPhone with the computer using the iPhone’s USB cable. If iTunes does not launch automatically double click the application to launch iTunes. Once iTunes is running click on the iPhone in the left navigation so you can configure the synchronization settings. Once the iPhone is highlighted click the Info tab and scroll to the bottom to see the Advanced settings as shown below.

iTunes: iPhone Advanced Info Sync Settings:

iTunes Advanced Info Sync Settings

Click the check box next to Calendars underneath “Replace Information On The iPhone” which will cause the iPhone calendar to be completely overwritten with the calendar items from the calendar you are syncing with. Once you have added the check mark into the box click the Sync button located in the lower right corner of iTunes to begin the synchronization process. You should no longer receive the error and the events from Outlook or whatever calendar you are syncing with should now display on the iPhone.

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