Yesterday we had to upgrade a Ubuntu Linux server from a really old version of Ubuntu to the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu. When attempting to run the upgrade from the command line from a file on a Ubuntu CD we were getting an error which is described in more detail below along with what can be done to resolve the issue.

Ubuntu Upgrade Error Using The cdromupgrade Script:

root@bliss:/media/cdrom1# sh cdromupgrade
Could not find the upgrade application archive, exiting

Once I received this error I looked at the source of the cdromupgrade shell script and realized that the entire path needs to be entered for the shell script to work. So instead of just trying “./cdromupgrade” or “sh cdromupgrade” you should enter the full path as shown in the below example. The cdrom01 will need to be changed to whatever drive the Ubuntu CD is in.

Use Full Path To Launch cdromupgrade:

root@bliss:/media/cdrom1# /media/cdrom01/cdromupgrade

The upgrade script should work properly with the full path.

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