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Install oclHashcat On Windows 7 With NVIDIA GPU, Update Nvidia Drivers

I have been using Hashcat and oclHashcat a lot in recent weeks but have been limited to primarily using it on Linux servers so I decided to give it a shot on a couple Windows machines. Below I describe how I got oclHashcat operational on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit on a desktop computer with a NVIDIA 9600GT GPU as well as operational on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit laptop with NVIDIA 9400G M GPU and a NVIDIA G210M GPU. Below is information on what needs to be done to get oclHashcat working on Windows 7.

**NOTE** Please note that oclHashcat does not work on Windows Vista. I first attempted to install oclHashcat on the desktop computer mentioned above while it was running Windows Vista which I was unable to do. After upgrading the Vista to Windows 7 oclHashcat worked without issue. When attempting to run oclHashcat on Windows Vista it is likely you will receive the below error.

oclHashcat Error On Windows Vista:


  1. ERROR: clGetPlatformIDs() -1001

Install oclHashcat On Windows 7 With NVIDIA GPU:

  1. Download Latest NVIDIA Drivers: First visit the NVIDIA web site to download the latest drivers for your graphics card by clicking here. Please make sure to verify that the link to the NVIDIA site is still the latest version of the available drivers, CUDA toolkit, etc. Also note that you need to download specific drivers for a notebook versus a desktop. Currently the driver version is 257.21 for both notebook NVIDIA cards and desktop NVIDIA cards.
  2. Install NVIDIA Driver Updates: Now double click on the file, which in this example was named devdriver_3.1_winvista-win7_64_257.21_notebook.exe for a 64-Bit Windows 7 notebook and devdriver_3.1_winvista-win7_32_257.21_general.exe for a 32-Bit Windows 7 desktop, downloaded from the NVIDIA site to begin the driver installation. Continue through the driver install choosing all of the default settings and once the installation is completed reboot your computer to finalize the new NVIDIA driver install.

    NVIDIA Windows 7 Driver Update

  3. Download oclHashcat: Now visit the Hashcat web site by clicking here. The current version of oclHashcat is v0.23 but when visiting the link provided you will always be displayed the latest stable version.
  4. Unpack oclHashcat: After the oclHashcat download has completed you can unpack it using winrar or similar. I suggest actually unpacking to a directory such as “C:\Program Files\oclhashcat” as we will be adding the folder that oclHashcat was unpacked into to the PATH of your Windows user so oclHashcat can be run from any directory.
  5. Update Windows PATH: This is an optional task but will make using oclHashcat easier in the future as it will allow you to launch the application from any directory without having to be in the specific oclHashcat directory. Open the Windows Control Panel and click on the User Accounts menu item. Once this is opened you will now have the ability to click on ¬†“Change my environment variables” in the left column of the User Accounts configuration window which will launch a new configuration window similar to the below.

    Windows 7 Environment Variables Configuration Window

    Scroll down in the System Variables window and edit the PATH variable by adding “;C:\Program Files\oclhashcat” to the end of the already configured paths as shown in the below example image. If you unpacked oclHashcat to a different folder then adjust the PATH accordingly.

    Windows 7 Edit System Variable PATH

    Click the OK button after you have modified the PATH and then close out of the other Windows Control Panel windows.

  6. Test oclHashcat: Now test oclHashcat by opening a Windows Command Prompt window and typing “oclHashcat –version” which should return results similar to the below example image.

    oclHashcat Version Test

    After verifying that oclHashcat returns a version value go ahead and test he application. In the below example we perform a simple six character length brute force using lowercase and digit charsets on two MD5 hashes to verify that oclHashcat is functional.


    1. oclHashcat md5.txt -m 0 -1 ?l?d ?1?1?1 ?1?1?1

    oclHashcat Brute Forcing MD5 Hashes On Windows 7

You should now have oclHashcat operational and in your users path on Windows 7. If you are not familiar with other Hashcat applications you should also check out Hashcat and the Hashcat-gui which combined provide an easy to use interface for password cracking using your CPU instead of GPU.

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