How to Stop Google from Redirecting to Whatever Country You Are In.

I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and every country I go to, when I open my home page which is Google, it goes to the Google page of that particular country. I have found this to be really annoying. The browser I am using is Google Chrome however I experienced the same behavior in Firefox. I looked through all the options and setting but it seems that the language settings only cover the text of the actual browser and not the language settings of the pages in the browser. After a little searching I found a simple fix.

Normally I set my home page to and it goes where I need it to but as I said before when I am out of the country it redirects to thats countries Google. I can only assume this is done by the proxies used by the ISP’s in the country. In order to fix this all we need to do is add /ncr which stands for “No Country Redirect” to the end of our google address, like the below

URL To Use Google With No Redirect Based On Country Of Traffic Initiation:



I know it seems simple but finding this helped me so I hope it solves an annoying problem for the next person.

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